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Great wins for Ball, O’Toole and Bethell Havocv at the Hangar VIII

Black Country Promotions held a title fight extravaganza at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton (8.3.24). The show was called Havoc at the Hangar VIII and consisted of five contests with two of them being for Midland Area titles. In the title fights you had Jermaine Osbourne-Edwards taking on Jamie Stuart for the Super Lightweight title and Lewis Morris taking on Ryan Griffiths for the Featherweight title both over ten three-minute rounds.

On the undercard, you had twenty-seven-year-old English champ Danny Ball who was having a four-round contest against Luke Middleton as he rebuilds after he lost to Paddy Donavan in his last fight. We also had two unbeaten prospects fighting with the talented twenty-four-year-old Midlands featherweight champ Sian O’Toole and the twenty-two-year-old hot prospect Braedon Bethell in four-round contests.


First up was the Featherweight female Midlands Area champ Sian O’Toole, O’Toole claimed the Midlands Area title in her last contest against Beccy Ferguson in December last year.  O’Toole was taking on thirty-six-year-old Lithuanian fighter Vaida Masiokaite in a four-two-minute round contest. The fight was being contested in the super lightweight division with O’Toole weighing in nine stone six and Masiokaite coming in nine stone twelve with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Great start to the fight with both fighters letting their hand go from the first bell, there were some great exchanges by both boxers with both having joy with O’Toole edging it. O’Toole used her jab well in the second but was drawn into a toe-to-toe battle with O’Toole winning most of the exchanges and winning the round.

Maiokaite continued to press in the third and ask questions as O’Toole used more of her boxing skills in the third, O’Toole moved well and let her hands go when engaged to win the round. O’Toole moved well in the final as Masiokaite pressed and landed some nice combinations, O’Toole had some joy and landed some nice shots just edging the round.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored the contest 40 to 36 O’Toole I had it the same.

The second contest of the night was English Welterweight champ Danny Ball who was taking on Luke Middleton in a four-three-minute round contest. Ball  weighed in eleven stone nine with Middleton coming in eleven stone three in this super Middleweight contest with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Steady start by Ball who took his time and used his jab well controlling the ring and the pace of the round. Ball continued to control the ring in the second and picked dome nice shots with everything coming off a nice sharp jab.

Ball continued to pick his shots well in the third with Middleton in full survival mode, Ball landed a nice one, two which dropped Middleton. Middleton got to his feet and was allowed to continue, Ball continued to box well landing nice combinations. Ball stepped up the pace in the final round pushing Middleton to the ropes and landing some heavy body shots, Middleton covered up well and was just looking for the final bell.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored the fight 40 to 35 i had it the same.

The final contest on the undercard was twenty-two-year-old Brandon Bethell who was taking on thirty-three-year-old Lithuanian Simas Volosinas in a four round super lightweight contest. Bethell who is unbeaten in two contests weighed nine stone nine with Volosinas coming in nine stone eleven with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Bethell started fast and put Volosinas on the back foot from the first bell to the cheers of his massive following. Bethell banged in great combinations to win the round with ease. Great movement and combinations from Bethell in the second as Volosinas looked to hold at any point he could in a one-sided round.

Volosinas let a few shots go in the third but this gave Bethell more opportunities to land shots banging in some cracking combinations and winning the round. Bethell started the final round fast as he looked to finish the fight strong, Volosinas earned his money tonight as he took combination after combinations from Bethell to the cheer of his fans.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored it 40 to 36 Bethell I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Great show tonight with a great undercard, O’Toole had a nice tick-over bout against a very tough opponent who pressed her all the way but O’Toole used her boxing skills to win every round and showcase her talents. As always O’Toole impressed and I am looking forward to seeing if she will be defending her title or going for bidder ones this year. I look forward to seeing her again in the ring very soon.

Danny Ball didn’t seem to get out of second gear as he took Middleton apart and seemed to just be trying different things in a one-sided fight. This is the start of him building himself back up after his loss to Donavan and I’m sure he will be contesting for titles very soon.

Brandon Bethell took his record to three without defeat in a dominating contest where he showcased his skills with some great combinations and shot-picking. He looks like he is on the right track and if he continues the way he is I’m sure titles are in his future.

Many thanks to BcB Promotions for having the Column at their show.







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