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Gully Shines As He Headlines Show

Updated: May 10

Wolverhampton’s unbeaten fighter Gully Powar shined as he headlined the BcB Promotions show called Powar Move at the Bescot Stadium Walsall (26.04.24). Powar was having his ninth professional contest of his career and was taking on Jose Perez (35) from Nicaragua. Perez was entering the ring for the twenty-fifth time, in this six-three-minute round lightweight contest with both fighters weighing in nine stone four with Pete McCormick reffing.

Good competitive first round as Perez came to fight and got some good shots off, Powar controlled the round landing big combinations, and had the higher work rate winning the round. Powar started to showcase his skills in the second landing some eye-catching shots and big combinations, Perez had a go back but Powar was in full control. Some big back hands-off Powar in the third as he dictated the pace of the fight pushing Parez around the ring who had Jo answer for Powar’s combinations.

Parez was game and having a go back in the fourth, but Powar was dominating the fight with nice clean shots and big combinations. Perez worked hard in the fifth with Powar moving well and avoiding most of his opponent's shots, Powar returned fire with good shots of his own winning the round. Powar came out strong in the final round looking to finish strong, Perez continued to have a go back and got some good shots off but Powars skills movement, and great combinations winning the round and the fight.

Ref Pete McCormick scored the contest 60 to 54 to Powar I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Great performance by Powar against an opponent that had come to fight which made for and entertaining contest. This seemed to bring the best out of Powar who showcased his skills and dominated the fight.  Every fight I have seen Powar in, he is improving all the time and he showed on this BcB show that he is ready to step up. He has already been on the big promotions and I can see him having more fights on them. Powar is more than ready in my opinion to fight for an area title but I think he will by-pass this and be moved on to bigger titles. Powar has the potential to have a big future in front of him if he keep progressing the way he is and I look forward  to seeing what team Gully do next.


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