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Hard Fought Win For Wilson-Bent

Coventry’s River Wilson-Bent had to dig deep to earn a hard fought victory at the Skydome Coventry (29.6.24).  The thirty-year-old who has a record of sixteen wins and two draws in twenty-two fights was taking on southpaw Matt McCallum (33) from  Gateshead who had won seven out of ten contests. The contest was in the Middleweight division and was scheduled for eight three-minute rounds and was on the undercard of the GBM promotions show ‘Into the Fire’ which was being streamed live on DAZN. Wilson-Bent weighed in eleven stone eight with McCallum coming in eleven stone seven with Ryan Churchill reffing.

McCallum came out in the first very aggressive looking to get close to Wilson-Bent who used his jab well but McCallum nicked the round on work-rate. Wilson-Bent was being drawn into McCallum's fight and was engaging him on the inside in a messy, scrappy second round. McCallum nicked the round on work-rate again with Wilson-Bent sustaining a cut above his left eye. Better third round for Wilson-Bent as he looked in full control when he kept it long and also got some great body shots off when McCallum came in on the inside who was now starting to look tired. McCallum continued to keep it scrappy with Wilson-Bent showing his class when he kept it long, a fought round but Wilson-Bent nicked it.

Wilson-Bent started the fifth round well shooting out nice one, twos and was moving well. McCallum then went on the attack landing a left hand and then standing on his foot making Wilson-Bent slip over. Ref Ryan Churchill then started to count to Wilson-Bent’s protests, the fight continued and McCallum having a good rest of the round.

Wilson-Bent kept it long in the sixth landing mice one twos but was still being drawn into a scrap with Wilson-Bent just edging the round. McCallum had his moments in the seventh when it was scrappy but when Wilson-Bent showed his class and landed some nice one twos keeping it simple and winning the round.  Wilson-Bent continued to keep it long in the final round but McCallum continued to press and landed a cracking left hook. Wilson-Bent again used his class boxing well but sustained another cut above his right eye but won the round.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored the fight 76 to 75 Wilson-Bent, I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts   

Hard fought win for Wilson-Bent who seemed to be drawn into a scrap which suited McCallum at the start of the contest. When River kept it long he looked great and in full control landing one twos at will and I think he would have had an easy night if he had done this at the start of the contest. I have a feeling he may have just wanted to give his home fans a battling performance so had no problem engaging McCallum on his own terms. Wilson-Bent has now won his last three contests and I have a feeling that he will be contending for another title very soon. Wilson-Bent is a great fighter stick if he sticks to his boxing, I can see him claiming a title very soon. I look forward to seeing him in the ring again very soon.








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