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  • Dexter Hastings

Havoc at the Holte 2, Top boxing 

The Birmingham Boxing Column made there second visit to the Holte suite Villa park of the month to watch the TOP boxing show ‘Havoc at the Holte 2’ (22,2,20). The show consisted of 6 bouts of boxing with four over 4 three minute rounds and two female fights over 4 two minute rounds. The two female fighters in the home corner were Kirstie Bavington who was coming off the back of a good stoppage and Cathy McAleer from Belfast who is unbeaten in 3 contests. The Male fighters in the home corner were unbeaten Max Mudway and making his debut Daniel Quartermaine who had brought a massive following with him. The final two Home fighters on the show were ‘Cogans Corner' Nathan Bendon and unbeaten BcB fighter Conah Walker. Referee on the night was Kevin Parker, your compare was David Nikolich and the ring girls were the stunning Cassie and Jade from C.P. Agency.

Fight 1 Max Mudway v Jan Ardon 4x3 Super Welterweight

Busy start by Mudway who got some good faints off to bang in some good combinations off, Ardon got some nice eye catching right hands off but it was Mudway’s round. The second was another busy round for Mudway as he worked the whole round, Adron fought back but only got single shots off. Both fighters seem to be feeling the pace in the third as they both dug in and banged in good combinations, Mudway just edged it for me with his work rate at the end of the round. The final round was another hard fought one with Ardon having a real go, Mudway dug in and looked at one point like he might even stop Ardon great finish to a cracking fight.


Dexter - 40-36

Ref - 40-37

Mudway wins on points

Fight 2 Kirstie Bavington v Vaida Masiokatie 4x2 Super Lightweight

Both fighters had joy in the first round with Bavington neglecting her jab and just walking in which gave Masiokatie the chance to get shots off. The second was another round where both fighters got good shots off, Masiokatie was showing she hadn’t just come to make the numbers up, even round. Better round from Bavington in the third but Masiokatie was making her work for it, Bavington’s pressure won her the round. Masiokatie made Bavington work for the full 2 minute of the round, Bavington dug in and with heart, pressure and determination managed to nick the final round.

Result Dexter- 39-38 Ref - 38-38 Draw

Fight 3 Cathy McAleer v Teorora Hristora 4x2 Super Bantamweight

McAleer controlled the ring and in the first banging in some fast combinations to win the round. The second was another round controlled McAleer with good movement and fast jabs, Hristora was keeping it competitive but it was McAleer roun

McAleer was showing her Irish power and pride as she upped her work rate and got some cracking combinations off, Hristora continued to battle but McAleer was in full control. McAleer continued to control the ring and the fight in the final round with her massive support cheering her on as she banged in good combinations till the final bell.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 McAleer wins on points

Fight 4

Daniel Quartermaine v Ibrar Riyaz



Quartermaine showed some fast jabs and combinations with great movement to win his first round as a professional boxer with ease. Quartermaine continued to use his fast hands and picked his shots well with Riyaz getting frustrated and letting a few big shots off, Quartermaine took them and paid him back with interest. The third was another outstanding round for Quartermaine as he moved well and shot out fast combinations to Riyaz head and body. Riyaz had a go in the final round with Quartermaine punishing him every time with cracking combinations, Quartermaine continued his high pace to the final bell to win his first fight with ease.

Result Dexter - 40-36 Ref - 40-36 Quartermaine wins on points

Fight 5

Nathan Bendon v Ryan Hardy