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Healy Wins WBF World Title

The unbeaten female boxing sensation Katie Healy has claimed the women’s super Bantamweight World Boxing Federation world title in only her fifth contest. Healy traveled to Middleburg, South Africa (8.7.22) to fight for the vacant title against Matshidiso Mokebisi (32) who had won 15 of her 26 contests. Healy weighed in 8 stone 9 with Mokebisi coming in 8 stone 8 in this 10-round contest which was aired live on Fightzone TV.

Report from WBF website,

In one of the finest technical performances by a female boxer seen in a South African ring over the past decade, Katie Healy from Wolverhampton, England, silenced those who believed she was not yet ready for a world title fight. Healy (24) outclassed, outsmarted and schooled the much more experienced and accomplished home-favorite Matshidiso Mokebisi, to win a wide unanimous decision and the vacant WBF Women's World Super Bantamweight title.

Judge Sipho Ndongeni had it a landslide 100-90, while judges Jaap Van Niewenhuizen and Elroy Marshal saw it as 97-93.

Katie took to social media after her landslide victory and wrote this ‘The NEW WBF Women’s Super Bantamweight World Champion I’m on top of the world this morning! My phone is on fire but I’m making my way through the notifications slowly (so sorry if I miss anyone). Thank you for all of the support, from the bottom of my heart, it means the world and more!

I just want to give a few shout outs below for everyone that made last night happen! This is only the beginning!!

TEAM: @gavinburrows, @bcb boxing @dennis, hobson promotions @the iron masters gym

SPONSORS: @ringsideonline @gymtier @ziggy_tee @itgelcbd @bluechillidp @sbsportswearuk @jobsworthrecruitment

A SPECIAL THANK YOU @j4joyfoodboxing @worldboxingfederation

South Africa you have my heart. What an amazing experience this has been! Love Katie

About the WBF

The World Boxing Foundation was established in 1988 in Tennessee (USA) by its first President Mr Larry Carrier under the name World Boxing Federation. The WBF over the years since has grown into a truly global championship sanctioning body and is recognized as a professional organization with strong values of honesty and Integrity with an unbiased approach when sanctioning championship contests all over the world.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Massive congratulations to Katie Healy on this great achievement, going somewhere like south Africa and winning so convincingly is an achievement in itself let alone winning a world title. Normally a world title would get you straight into the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame’ but I have to say this is the first time I have ever heard of the WBF so I think we will hold fire on enrolling the very talented Wolverhampton fighter for now, but if there is enough support for to be put in, we will bend to the fans wishes.

I have said this before I can only see titles in Katie’s future and can envision her picking up one of the big four titles in the next few years. But Katie’s and here team can be very proud of this achievement and I look forward to reporting on her winning more titles in the near future and adding her to the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame’.

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