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Henry Claims Midlands Title At Forty Three

Hereford’s Cliff Henry has claimed the light Heavyweight Midlands area title in only his fifth professional contest. The forty-three year only fighter was taking on the current Area Champ Michael Stephenson (30) from Northampton at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham (12.04.24). Henry came into the contest undefeated in four fights with Stephenson winning eight out of his nineteenth fights. Henry and Stephenson weighed in twelve stone five in this ten three-minute rounds contest with Chris Dean refereeing.

Scrappy first round with ref Chris Dean talking to both of them about holding close round but Henry just nicked it. Henry started the second well using his jab as he switched stances from orthodox to southpaw landing good back hands, the ref had to gave a work with both of them again about holding, Henry won the round with the better shots with Stephenson going over which was deemed a slip. Better boxing by both fighters as both of them had joy landing good shots, would have to give this one to Stephenson with the cleaner shots.

Cracking fourth round as both fighters let good shots off with Stephenson landing a cracking left hook that rocked Henry who took it well but held Stephenson with ref Chris Dean talking to both fighters again about holding with Stephenson winning the round. Stephenson stepped it up in the fifth with Henry matching him at the start as he continued to switch stances, Stephenson landed some cracking shots near the end of the round to win the round. Henry used his jab well in the seventh in both stances doubling and trebling it and getting some good back hands off. Ref Chris Dean again talked to both of them about holding but Henry nicked this round for me.

Scrappy eighth round with both fighters looking tired, Henry did get some nice shots off in the middle of the round winning it. Ref Chris Dean talked to both fighters at the start of the ninth about the holding. This was a battling round with both fighters landing shots, close round could not split them. Henry pressed in the final round with Stephenson boxing well on the back foot, both fighters landed good shots with Henry just edged it.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 96 to 94 Henry I had it the same,

Dexter’s Thoughts

Inspirational performance by Henry who has won a Midlands area title in only his fifth professional contest and at the grand old age of forty-three. Yes, it was scrappy but the determination was there for both fighters with Henry’s desire winning him the title. Henry has shown that age is just a number and with the right people around you and the desire to win anything is possible. Congratulations to Cliff Henry on his Midlands area light Heavyweight title win.


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