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Hodgins Looking to Make a Statement with Opponent Change

Cogans Corner's newest professional fighter Josh Hodgins (29) will be looking to make a statement in his seconded pro contest on the undercard of the Shakan Pitters v Chad Sugden British title fight. Hodgins was meant to be fighting the unbeaten Michael Hennessy on the 22nd August live on channel 5 but has now had his opponent changed to  local Birmingham pro Idris Virgo. Virgo (27) who looks like he is chiselled out of stone is unbeaten in 6 fights with one of his fights being scored a technical draw, he is also know for appearing on the reality TV show Love Island. Both fighters have came to the pros via the unlicensed route and have even fought on the same shows, they have both fought as high as cruiserweight in the unlicensed game with this pro contest being contested at Super Middleweight.  

Hodgins who’s first pro fight was at Middleweight told me today after I asked him about fighting at a weight higher “I have fought at higher weights in the passed and done ok and I have not had to starve myself for this fight". When I asked him about Virgo he said “He is a tough opponent and is unbeaten, I am looking at this as a great opportunity for me to show what I can do. I don’t expect it to be easy but I think I can win this fight”. Hodgins continued “I have nothing but respect for Idris and would like to thank my trainer Shaun Cogan and Manager Jon Pegg for getting me on such a big show so early in my career, it will be a honour to fight on the show”. Virgo v Hodgins will be the first fight on the Hennessy card on the night and will be recorded to be aired on the live show on channel five later in the evening. The show its self is a great promotion for boxing in Birmingham and the Black Country with Shakan Pitters headlining, Kaisee Benjamin and Conah Walker fighting for a Midlands title, Anthony Woolery is also on the card and of course Virgo and Hodgins facing off. We are set for a great night of boxing. The show will be aired live on channel five on Saturday 22nd August at 22.00 hours. Dexter's Thoughts 

What a cracking fight this could be, I say this could be as it will all depend on which Josh Hodgins turns up. As an unlicensed fighter Josh was known as a tough journeyman who didn’t mind losing, he just wanted to get paid and enjoyed the sport. In his final year as an unlicensed fighter I mentored him and did his corner and in that time he only lost twice out of 30 contests winning 3 titles on the road. Now you might ask what the big secret was, well sorry to say there was not one, all I did with Josh was in still confidences in him. He had always had the ability but just needed to believe in himself. Virgo on paper is the clear favourite but has only really been tested once in the technical draw he has on his record, but what I will say if a confident Hodgins turns up Virgo will get a proper test of that I have no doubt. Hodgins lost his first fight but you could see he went though the motions and did what a journeyman should do. But now under the tutelage of Shaun Cogan he is looking fitter and more skilful than ever and could in my opinion cause a upset, ‘The Bandit' has nothing to loss and everything to gain so he would be mad not to have a real go.


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