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Jingle Brawls BcB (12.19.21)

Updated: Dec 28, 2021

Black Country Boxing held their final show of the year at the H-Suite Edgbaston, the consisted of 4 fights with three being over 4 three-minute rounds and the main event being over 6 three minute rounds. In the 4 rounders,’ you had in the home corner Jamie’s Beech jr, Lenny Evans and Liam O'Hare. In the main event doing a six-rounder was ‘the boxing fan with a license’ Kane Baker taking on Luke Fash, reffing the show was Shaun Messer.

The first fight of the night was former British challenger James Beech jr taking on the very game Luke Merryfield in 4 round contest. Beech jr weighed in 9 stone 5 with Merryfield coming in 9 stone 1 in this lightweight contest.

Fast start by both fighters as Merryfield had not just came to make up the numbers, Merryfield had some joy but Beech won the round with the cleaner shots and better work rate. Loads of heart shown by Merryfield who had brought a nice bit of support with him, but was just out gunned by Beech who was showing his British level to win the second round. Beech picked his shots well in the third as Merryfield continued to press, Beech used his jab well and got some nice shots off to win the round. Great heart shown by Merryfield in the final round but he was just being out classed in every department, he continued to press and did have some joy but Beech won the round and the fight.

Ref Shau Messer scored the fight 40 to 36 Beech jr I had it the same.

Next up was Lenny Evans who was looking to continue his unbeaten record of 2 without defeat against M.J.Hall in the super Welterweight division. Evans weighed in 10 stone 11 with Hall coming in 10 stone 9 in this 4-round contest.

Evans banged in some big shots at the start of the first, Hall took them and covered up well but Evans won the round. In the second Evans controlled the fight and banged in big shots, he had Hall down near the end of the round but it was deemed a trip. The third was controlled by Evans as Hall seemed happy to cover up and take the majority on the gloves. Evans continued to dominant the round and the fight as he cruised to victory.

Shaun Messer scored it 40 to 36 Evans, I had it the same.

The final fight on the undercard was Liam O’Hare who was making his debut taking on the veteran Journeyman Kevin McCauley. O’Hare weighed in 11 stone 1 with McCauley coming in 11 stone 7 in thus Middleweight contest.

O’Hare started his debut fast and blasted the veteran McCauley veteran for the whole round really putting on a show. O’Hare continued to bang in good shots and push McCauley to the ropes winning the round with ease. McCauley had a go-back in the third but O’Hare continued his good work to win the round with ease. Big shots in the final round from O’Hare which made McCauley fire back with big shots of his own, O’Hare rose to the occasion and won the round.

Shaun Messer scored it 40 to 36 O’Hare I had it the same.

The main event was a six-round contest with ‘the boxing fan with a license’ The ‘MexiKane’ Kane Baker taking on Luke Fash. Baker weighed in 9 stone 5 with Fash coming in 9 stone 6 in this super lightweight contest.

Baker took the center of the ring in the first round and banged in some nice combinations going head and body well. Baker put some nice shots together in the second as he held the center of the ring winning it with ease. Baker was in full control in the third as Fash just moved around the ring taking combinations after combinations retiring in his corner at the end of the round.

Baker wins third-round TKO

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great way to finish the year, four good displays of boxing from the home corners against tough journeymen. It was great to see James Beech jr on this show as he showcased why he has been contending for British, Commonwealth, and international titles. Merryfield had a good go and made this fight a contest but was outgunned in every department as the levels showed. I have championed this young fighter from his first pro contest tipping him for big titles and I have no doubt Beech jr will be contending for some of the big titles this year, I look forward to seeing him on the big stage again.

Lenny Evan won his third contest on the show against a very good journeyman in MJ Hall. Evans showed a good selection of shots she looked very heavy-handed and I look forward to seeing his progress.

Liam O’Hare made his debut against the veteran Journeyman Kevin McCauley and was very impressive. O’Hare started fast and got some big shots off and put McCauley on the back foot for the whole of the four rounds in a very impressive display on his debut.

In the main event, Kane Baker claimed the first stoppage victory of his career, now being trained by Team McCracken he went to the body well and retired Fash in his corner at the end of the third. This was an impressive performance and I look forward to seeing what ‘MexiKane’ and Team McCracken do next.

Many thanks to BcB for having g the Column there.


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