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Kane is more than Able to win Rematch

Birmingham boxer Kane Baker has his sights firmly set on winning the Lightweight English title on the 10th April at the Second city suite Birmingham. Baker (29) will be taking on the skillfully Myron Mills in a rematch after Mills won the first encounter on a majority decision at the Holte Suite Villa Park on the Tommy Owens Promotions show in November of 2019. The first fight was a cracker with Baker looking to break down Mills with his high pressure boxing, at the end of the fight the judges had it like this with Shaun Messer scoring it 97-94 to Mills, Terry O’Connor scoring it 95-95 ecen and Robert Williams scoring it 98-92 to Mills.

Mills (23) from Derby has previously won the IBF youth Lightweight title beating Luke Paddock on a split decision. He won the Lightweight Midlands area title in May 2018 beating Marcus Ffench with a 4th round TKO victory. Since Baker fought Mills he has had two six rounder’s winning both of them on points, Mills has not fought since he last defended his title against Baker.

I messaged Kane and asked him a few questions about the fight, I asked the former Midlands area champ. How he thought the last fight went? Baker said “It was a close fight, I think it could of gone either way depending what style you liked. Mills had the cleaner more precise shots and that’s what won him the fight”. Baker continued “I was weary going into the fight because I’d been told he was a big puncher and slick, I think his game plan was to stop me. I didn’t feel his power I think I gave him too much respect".

"He is a class boxer but I think if I come forward more confidently this time it will be a different story. I got to give myself more respect, I’ve been in with some big punchers so when I hear power I automatically think of power on that scale”. Baker finished by saying “Big thanks to BcB’s Erroll Johnson for sorting out the rematch for me, my coaches Paul Ben, Matt Gavin and Dan Mole for sorting all the media”.

He continued by thanking “Mills for accepting the rematch a massive respect to my sponsors especially County Clean who back me every time. I’d especially like to thank my missis Coral Ella who sorts my training, sparring and keeps me on track, she has been there from start, also to all my friends and family who back me, it means the world to me".

Speaking of Miss Ella I contacted Coral and asked her how she thought the last fight went and how she thinks Kane will do in this one. Coral told me “I think Mills won the first fight with the flashier work and being more precise but it was a very good watch. The hype around Myron’s power and skills got in Kane’s head which made him hesitant to let his hands go, he was too busy concentrating on defence”. Coral continued “I’ve been all over with Kane sparring and one thing he has mastered is working people out, Kane will go into this rematch more confident”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

I am chuffed to bits that Kane has got the rematch and even more chuffed it is in Birmingham again as the noise from the Bakers fans was fantastic last time. At Villa park Kane put on a great performance but I have to say Mills used his skill to win the fight. I had Mills winning the first fight by a good few rounds but a lot of the rounds were close and it was what you liked. I saw Kane fight last week and could see some very big improvements in him, his head movement was impressive, he countered well and had great footwork. If he uses his new found skills against Mills he will be claiming yet another title and adding to his incredible story with his partner Coral. The Birmingham boxing Column will be there to report on this show. Grab your tickets from Kane or Coral and support Kane and follow his story.


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