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Kelly Returns With A Win

Birmingham boxer Ryan Kelly made his return to the ring after a year out with a convincing win against a very game Sergo Ambomo. The twenty-nine-year-old made his return headlining the Black Country Boxing Promotions show at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham (17.06.23). Kelly has an impressive record of sixteen wins out of Twenty contests. His last fight was in May of 2022 when he lost on a split decision to the then-unbeaten Brad Pauls. A lot of people myself included thought he had done more than enough to win that contest. His return was over six three-minute rounds in the Middleweight division with Kelly and Ambomo weighing in eleven stone five with Jamie Kirkpatrick reffing.

Kelly worked his way into the first round using shooting out fast sharp jabs that kept Ambomo at bay with Kelly landing some cracking back hands. Kelly continued to pop out stiff sharp jabs to Ambomo’s head and body as he dictated the pace of the fight, as the round went on Kelly landed some nice combinations going head and body well. Kelly kept his jab going in the third keeping Ambomo at the end of it and controlling the fight, Ambomo had a go near the end of the round but this just made Kelly box better landing some nice counters.

The jab was the Key in the fourth and Kelly was using it to unlock Ambomo as everything came off it, great movement shot picking, and ring craft by Kelly to win the round. Ambomo looked tired in the fifth but was still having a go, but was being met every time by an evil jab and some nasty backhands which were landing all the time. Kelly let some big shots go near the end of the round to finish strong. Ambomo found a second wind in the final round and really put it on Kelly, Kelly invited this and stood with him and traded shots for a very competitive final round. Would have to give this round to Ambomo.

Referee  “  Jamie Kirkpatrick scored the fight 59 to 56, I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Great to see Ryan back in the ring after a year out, I was really impressed by his jab tonight that dictated everything that happened in the fight. Kelly worked well behind it and everyone he landed had the intent to cause damage. He worked his way into the fight and showed he had not lost any of his ring craft with his year off. Before the contest we had chatted in the changing rooms about what he is look to do in boxing in the near future. He said that he was up for whatever BcB could get him but did say he would like a rematch with Pauls and he also had his eye on the English Middleweight title. I then mentioned another Midlands Middleweight former English champ River Wilson-Bent. Kelly said that he would be happy to fight him with me saying that I think that it would be a cracking contest and a real 50/50. I think the Wilson-Bent fight would be a very interesting one but a fight like that with the following both fighters would have to be for some kind of title or even an English eliminator on a big promotion. Kelly looked great tonight and showed his year out has not slowed his progression but has propelled it and I can see big thing for Kelly.  I look forward to seeing Kelly in the ring very soon.



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