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Khalid Feeling Inspired By His Team Mates

Ameen Khalid has been getting in some elite level sparring ahead of his next fight on December 1st at the Bescot Stadium in Walsall.

The unbeaten 27-year-old from Worcester has already notched up three wins this year going the distance on each occasion, most recently against Liam Richards who he dropped in the fourth round on route to a shutout 60-53 points victory.

It was a solid example of the improvements he has made since joining the BCB Gym, a big part of this being the quality sparring he is getting with one of boxing’s hottest talents.

“I definitely have other levels to go to, but it was a top performance, I always critique myself, but my engine was good, previously I have gotten tired in fights but I kept pushing, got the knockdown and the win.

“I’ve been training none-stop since then and getting in rounds with someone like Liam Davies has been great for my development. I get on well with all the guys down there and we push each other.

“I have spent a lot of time in the ring with Gully Powar and Ryan Griffiths, there is levels in this sport and I try to match theirs and more. My boxing has stepped up since moving to train with Errol and Paul, but I owe so much to Amin Khan who was with me for years and gave me all the fundamentals that I’m now building on”.

Just like many in his stable the talk of titles has been in the air and a shot at the Midlands is something that could happen next year. Khalid knows he has to keep winning and stay ready for when the phone rings.

“There will be no hesitation from me when the time comes, I’d have taken the Scott Melvin fight or any other opportunity that comes my way whether its for an area or English, I know you will see the best of me when I’m pushed. Until then I want to get another victory and end the year on a high for all my family and sponsors who without them, I wouldn’t be able to do this sport that I love”.


Tickets for the Bescot Stadium show on December 1st are available priced at £40 standard and £75 VIP directly from the boxers or by contacting



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