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Maximum Impact III Round Up

Black Country Boxing Promotions held their first show of September at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham (2.9.23). The show was called Maximum Impact 3 and consisted of six contests, with four of them being over six three-minute rounds, a four-rounder, and a female contest over six two-minute rounds. The female contest saw Sian O’Toole making her debut in a six-rounder with the link to her fight report below. The main event was the talented light heavyweight Troy Jones in a six-round contest with the link to his fight report below.

Here is the round-up of the other four fights on the show. In the four-rounder, you had the unbeaten Hemza Azeem who was having his third contest of his pro career. Azeem was taking on veteran Journeyman Paul Cummings in a super Middleweight contest. In the first six rounder of the show you had another unbeaten fighter in Ameen Khalid who was having his seventh contest, he was taking on Liam Richards in a super Welterweight contest. Next up was Cliff Henry who was taking on Daryl Sharp who was having a six-rounder in a Light Heavyweight contest. The final contest in this report you have James Scarrott taking on Jake Smith in a six-round welterweight contest.


First up was the unbeaten Hemza Azeem who was taking on veteran Journeyman Paul Cummings in a four round contest. Azeem was having his third contest and weighed in eleven stone ten with Cummings coming in eleven stone nine in a super Middleweight contest with Chris Dean reffing.

Cagey start by both fighters with Azeem letting off some nice combination with Cummings returning fire with Azeem edging the round. Azeem boxed well on the back foot in the second round letting some nice combinations go, Cummings kept coming forward but Azeem won the round with ease. Azeem continued to box well on the back foot in the third picking eye-catching combinations with a very game Cummings still coming forward. Cummings his hands go in the final round but Azeem worked well on the back foot picking nice shots and winning the round.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 to Azeem, I had it the same.


Next on the card was the unbeaten Ameen Khalid who was having his seventh fight of his career. Khalid was taking on veteran Journeyman Liam Richards in a six-round contest. Khalid weighed in nine stone eleven while Richards came in nine stone thirteen in a super Welterweight contest with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Khalid came out fast in the first round letting dome fast sharp combinations off from the first bell and getting some hurtful body shots in. Richards tried to battle back but Khalid won the round with ease. Khalid controlled the second round with some great combinations and some hurtful body shots making Richards go into journeyman mode. Khalid pressed and moved forward in the third round landing some big combinations and hurtful body shots. Richards sustained a slight nick above his nose but hung on in here to see the round out.

Khalid continued his hurtful work banging in combinations after combinations in the fourth round. Richards was now in full survival mode and when Khalid turned him and he had his back towards Khalid, Khalid landed a massive left hook from behind his back which dropped Richards with the ref counting him. Richards got to his feet and managed to see out the round with Khalid pouring on the pressure. Great body shots from Khalid in the fifth with Richards covering up and just looking to see the round out as Khalid landed some big shots. Khalid looked to finish strong in the final round and continued to bang big combinations in with hurtful body shots, fair play to Richards for seeing the round out.

Judge Chris Dean scored it 60 to 53 to Khalid I had it the same.


The next contest was another unbeaten fighter Cliff Henry who was having his fourth professional fight of his career. He was taking on another veteran Journeyman in Daryl Sharp in a 6-round light Heavyweight contest. Henry weighed in twelve stone six with Sharp coming in twelve stone two with Chris Dean reffing.

Cagey started by both boxers as they tried to work each other out, Henry then started to switch hit and get through which compensated Sharp's southpaw stance. Henry controlled the ring switching stance through the second round getting some nice combinations off, Sharp had some joy but Henry won the round. Henry stayed in control in the third well and continued to switch hit which was working well, Sharp did land two heavy right hands that shook Henry but he took them well and did enough to win the round.

Henry continued to control the center of the ring in the fourth and got some good combinations off, Sharp handed the odd single shot but seemed happy to keep away and see the round out. Both fighters had joy in the fifth round but there wasn’t a lot of action even round. The sixth round was another fight with not much going on, another round where I couldn’t split them.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 59 to 55 Henry I had it the same.


The final fight of this report was another unbeaten fighter James Scarrott who was having his fourth professional contest. He was taking on Jake Smith in a six round welterweight contest with Scarrott coming in ten stone six with Smith weighing in ten stone eight with Ryan Churchill reffing.

The first round was controlled by Scarrott who took the centre of the ring and let great combinations off winning the round with ease. Scarrott stepped up the pace in the second and pressed Smith with some heavy body shots and good combinations. Scarrott dominated the third as he continued to press and push Smith back with eye-catching shots with hurtful body shots.

Lots of holding in the fourth as Scarrott and continued to go to Smiths' body with serous intent winning the round with ease. Scarrott continued to dominate in the fifth going to his head and body well with Smith now on the retreat. Scarrott poured on the pressure in the final round banging in big combinations after big combinations with Smith now covering up and looking to see the round out.

Judge Chris Dean scored it 60 to 54 Scarrott I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Another great show by Black Country Boxing Promotions with all the home boxers coming through their fights all keeping their unbeaten records.

Hemza Azeem put on a great display of boxing taking his unbeaten record to three without defeat. He took on the veteran Journeyman Paul Cummings and showcased as his talents well.

Ameen Khalid took his unbeaten record to seven without defeat when he beat veteran Journeyman Liam Richards. He dropped Richards with a very naughty shot that in my opinion should not have been counted and he should of had a point taken off. But this wouldn’t have done anything to the result as he dominated the fight with a great display.

Cliff Henry kept his unbeaten record and took it to four without defeat. He switch-hitted well which nullified Sharps southpaw stance very good performance.

James Scarrott took his record to five without defeat with a very impressive performance winning every round.




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