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Melvin Shines in Six Round Shut Out Victory

‘The Terrier’ Scott Melvin shined on the BGM Promotions show at the Skydome Coventry in a six-round shutout victory (9.3.24).  The twenty-three-year-old from Chelmsley Wood was having the tenth contest of his professional career and took on Nicaraguan (27) Brayan Mairena in a Lightweight contest. Melvin weighed in nine stone nine with Mairena coming in nine stone seven with Chris Dean reffing.


Melvin controlled the first round with great movement and some slick boxing with everything coming off the jab. Melvin continued to control the fight in the second as he let good combinations go with everything again coming off a sharp jab. Great movement again from Melvin who not only landed great combinations but avoided Mairena’s shots and just looked like he was enjoying himself.

More slick boxing in the fourth by Melvin who dictated the pace of the fight and landed great combinations. Mairena was on the floor at the start of the fifth as Melvin landed some nice shots and then pushed him over, Melvin continued to showcase his skills and some slick boxing to win the round. Melvin continued to shine in the final round as he controlled the fight and showcased his skills in a dominant performance.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 60 to 54 Melvin, I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great performance by Melvin who showcased his skills in a shutout victory. Melvin hid any disappointment he may have had as he was meant to be defending his Midlands area title and put on a fantastic display of boxing. Melvin's record now stands at nine wins out of ten contests and he looks destined to fight for bigger titles. I can see Melvin reaching British or European standard in the next few years and who knows where this fighter from Chelmsley wood could go. At the age of only twenty three Scott Melvin’s future looks bright.


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