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Melvin Wins Title With Crazy Stoppage

Eastsides Scott Melvin left it late in his Lightweight Midlands area title contest against the unbeaten Mykey Lee Broughton with one of the craziest stoppages I have ever seen. Broughton was up on my card on the way into the tenth round when Melvin went for it in the final round banging in some cracking combinations with some nasty body shots that seemed to make Broughton throw up a bloody mess in the middle of the ring. Confusion took over as the ref Chris Dean called the doctor over to check Broughton with both corners trying to get the fight stopped or continued. Ref Chris Dean after talking to the doctor called the fight off.

This Midlands area title contest Kicked off the Tommy Owens Promotions show ‘All the Lights’ at Planet Ice Solihull (9.9.23) and was contested over ten three minute rounds. Melvin and Broughton both weighed in nine stone eight with Chris Dean reffing the contest.

Broughton came out strong in the first with Melvin firing back, both fighters got good shots off but Broughton got this round. Both fighters let their hands go in the second with both again landing big shots with Melvin just edging it. Both fighters continued to throw leather in the third with it being hard to pick a winner with some great combinations from both boxers.

Broughton seemed to take control in the fourth as he landed some big eye-catching shots off, Melvin fired back and had some joy landing good shots but Broughton won the round. Both fighters were still boxing at a high tempo in the fifth, but Broughton had started to out work Melvin and getting the cleaner shots in to win the round. Both fighters continued the high tempo in the sixth round both landing great shots with Broughton’s gum shield being knocked out by a Melvin combination, when the gum shield was put back in Broughton battled hard just nicking the round. The pace slowed in the seventh but both fighters continued to trade shots with Melvin edging the round.

Battling eighth round by both fighters with both fighters landing great combinations and flurry’s, Broughton won the round with the cleaner shots. Melvin got some good shots off in the ninth but was just out worked by Broughton who nicked the round. Melvin went for it in the tenth and final round as I’m sure him and his corner knew he was behind on the card. Melvin some massive combinations with Broughton still fighting back hard but was caught with several nasty body shots. Broughton had Melvin in the corner and then though up a bloody and what ever he had in his stomach with the ref Chris Dean after taking yo the doctor calling of the fight.

Melvin Wins with TKO Victory


Dexter’s Thoughts

First of all what a contest without doubt one of the best fights i have witnessed live this year with two of the best prospects the Midlands have to offer doing battle for this Midlands title. I have to say it was a crazy way it ended with Broughton getting sick in the ring but I will say that Melvin did land done nasty body shots in the final round that weather it made or contributed to Broughton throwing up. The corner at the time did argue weather the fight should carry on but after the ref consulted the doctor the right decision happen and it ended. I’m not going to lie I had Broughton up by four rounds going into the tenth but have to say Melvin turned up he heat in the final round that may have caused Broughton throwing up. I have been watching boxing for over fourth years snd can honestly say I have never seen a professional contest stopped like this and from the reaction of most of the people a round the ring I don’t think the had ever seen it before. There has to be a rematch in my opinion and I hope its a quick turn around for both fighters so they can move on as I think both fighters have great futures.

Many thanks to Tommy Owens Promotions for having the Column at the show and I look forward to the next one.


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