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Mighty Hooks

Tommy Owens Promotions put on there biggest show in many a year packing out Solihull ice ring for a massive night of boxing. The main event was champ Ishmael Ellis defending his Midlands area title against Joe Ducker in a 10 round contest. On the undercard there were 8 more contests with the likes of KylecHaywood, Brad Bithell, Steed Woodall, SK Showstopper, Musa Moyo, Danny Quartermaine, Scott Melvin and Nyall Berryall in action in the home corner.

Kyle Haywood beat Gennadi Kravjeski on a second round retirement after being on top for two rounds with accurate southpaw punches to head and body.

A bad cut caused the clever to wave it off at the end of the second.

Brad bithell looked a promising prospect as he pushed the smaller but game Taka Bembere back for the whole 4 rounds with a good jab and some nice body punches.

Bembere took a count in the final round as much from pressure as any single punch but managed to get thru to the final bell to lose 40.35

Steed Woodall shook off more ringrust and showed his pedigree with a dismissal of the much heavier Scott Williams in just under two minutes with two knockdowns both from classy left hooks to the body.

Williams had taken local Idris virgo the distance on a trip to the city so this was a good statement from Woodall.

Sk showstopper has a fast flashy style and is tall for the weight but it was nothing hard man mj hall hasn’t seen before.

Sk picked up the points and pleased his travelling fans but mj had little trouble hearing the final bell.

Musa Moyo weighing a little heavier than usual had too much for travelling road warrior Elvis Dube.

His fast combination punching seemed to bother Dube a couple of times who had trouble keeping up with the pace his younger opp set. 40.36 and Moyo can go places at the correct weight.

Leamington starlet Danny quartermaine got his first stoppage with an aggressive display against Myron Patrick.

After a tough first round where quartermaine set about body and head Patrick’s experienced corner pulled him out before it could get any worse which was probably a wise decision.

Scott Melvin had his first 6 rounder and used speed and footwork to dominate the much heavier Carl turnley.

Melvin has got lovely skills and a fan friendly style and told us he is looking for a midlands title fight soon.

None stop nyall berry went in with hard man Constantin radoi and was expected to be given a test by the bigger man in his first six rounder in just his third bout.

Berry forced radoi onto the back foot and did a number on a man who usually gives as good as he gets.

By the 4th round Constantin was looking to survive as berry got valuable experience under the belt as he too looks for title bouts. Berry was the 4th winner for Eastside gym who look to be bringing another crop of good quality pros through.

Bradley Goldsmith delighted his travelling army with a punch perfect victory over a rugged polish fighter who came here to cause an upset he told us.

Quality southpaw body shots brought about the finish and sent his fans home very happy.

Champ Ishmael Ellis lost a hard fought decision and with it his midlands title to a very determined Joe Ducker.

Ellis gave everything he had but in most rounds ducker had a little more and both men wanted to leave with the belt.

Ref Sean messer scored it 98 94 to Ducker who was over the moon to take home such a coveted belt.

Top promotions really put on a show here selling out the arenas capacity and really bringing small hall boxing to a new venue in a big way.

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