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Mission completed on Hodgins Debut

Cogan’s Corners newest edition Josh Hodgins has successfully completed his first professional bout on the road in Nottingham (7,3,20). Known as ‘The Bandit’ Hodgins took on Nottingham’s hot prospect Tom Cowling in a 4 round fight. Cowling who was coming into the contest with an unbeaten record of 3 without defeat had a massive following in his home town. Cowling lived up to his hype with some very slick and skilful boxing keeping Hodgins on the back foot. Hodgins covered up well and kept himself safe as Cowling poured on the pressure, if Hodgins lost his concentration for a second he was caught with cracking shots by Cowling.

Cowling did start getting threw with some big shots in the third and fourth and at points in the rounds Hodgins looked like he may get stopped. This was never going to happen as Hodgins is not built that way and he took everything Cowling gave him and gave some back. Cowling won the fight 40 to 36 on refs Kevin Parkers score card but Hodgins had came and did what he needed to do.

Dexter Thoughts

Mission completed for Hodgins, he has become a professional boxer to go on the road as a journeyman and earn some money which he did in Nottingham. Hodgins was up against one of Nottingham’s hot prospects and stood strong on his debut. Cowling had a big following behind him and was looking to get the stoppage but Hodgins was not going to give him that. If anyone thought Hodgins was going to win this fight they have surely missed the point of a journeyman, Hodgins or Hodgkins as he is known on Boxrec will be taking on some of the toughest prospects from up and down the country and will be learning a lot on the job. I have no doubt Hodgins will cause his fare share of upsets but he is in this to get the purse and keep himself safe. His performance in Nottingham goes to show that he is well equipped for the job in hand and will earn him some good money on the road. He has come a very long way from a dislocated shoulder injury to fighting on the road in the unlicensed scene earning penny’s and that’s if they paid him to now earning some proper cash doing what he loves. He has already got his next fight penned in for April. The Boxing Column wishes him all the best and to come home safe and on a personal note I would like to say how proud I am of him as his former mentor and cornerman.


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