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New Entry into Bbcolumn's Hall of Fame

Updated: Nov 10, 2022

Today we enter our first referee into the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame’ Contribution to boxing. Shaun Messer has now resigned from reffing and judging professional boxing after 15 years on the circuit. Messer 62 from Dudley made his debut as a referee on the 30th of November 1999 in a 6-round contest at the Park Hall hotel Wolverhampton with Leeroy Williamson taking on Marc Smith in a lightweight contest with Williamson winning on points. He debuted as a judge on the 20th of July 2007 in a 10-round contest for the IBF and the WBC youth middleweight titles. The fight was between Grzegorz Proksa and Vitalie Mirza at the Civic Hall Wolverhampton with Proksa winning by TKO in the 4th round.

I got to talk to Shaun and my first question was where who was your favourite boxers? Shaun told me “Muhammad Ali and Marvin Hagler”. I then asked who were his favourite boxer he had reffed? Shaun told me “I don't have favourites who I've judged or reffed, can't have favourites”. My next question was what is your most memorable fight you have reffed/Judged? He said “I’ve had many cracking fights that have won awards, too many to recall but one I do remember was Steve Saville v Baz Carey for Midlands title. Saville stopped Carey but it was a great fight whilst it lasted with Baz giving his all and being put off by an argument in the crowd right by his pregnant partner”.

I then asked him about his boxing career as he fought as an amateur. Shaun recalled, “I boxed for Warley ABC under Reg Steele, I had 92 Amateur fights winning 60, I fought at a good level against many good lads over 9 years. I fought but lost to a good American fighter called Adam Garland, I also fought John Ashton, John Melfa and Stuart Robinson for the Birmingham ABA final. I have fought in Holland and won, got 2 wins in Belfast and fought 3 times in Jersey.

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Dexter’s Thoughts

Shaun Messer has been reffing on the Midlands scene for much longer than the Birmingham Boxing Column has been going as has been a ref on many shows we have reported on. I was sad to hear that he had resigned as I thought his refereeing style and his judging were top class and I would usually come to the same result as him. He has been reffing and judging for 23 years and how he was never selected from the inner circle of the ‘A’ star refs is beyond me. I suppose they thought his face didn’t fit the click 12 or 13 refs who get their pick of the big shows. Anyway, Shaun Messer will be a great loss to British and midlands boxing and has earned his place in the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame for his contribution to boxing.

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