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  • Dexter Hastings

Night of Champions 2 ToP Boxing (5.2.22)

Tommy Owens Promotions held there first show of 2022 at the Holte Suite Villa Park. The consisted of 5 fights all over 4 three-minute rounds. Making there debuts from the home corner you had Nyall Berry and Jagdeep Purewal, we then have three unbeaten prospects with Musa Mayo, Umar Anjum and headlining the talented Scot Melvin. Refereeing on the night you have Chris Dean and Kevin Parker.

Kicking off the show we had Nyall Berry making his debut against Luke Merryfield in the super-bantamweight division. Berry weighed in 8 stone 13 with Merryfield coming in the same. Refereeing this one was Chris Dean over 4 rounds.

Berry started his pro debut with vicious intent going head and body with some hurtful shots, Merryfield did well to see the round out. In the second Berry continued the onslaught as he banged in big shot after big shot eventually dropping Merryfield with a left body shot. Merryfield took an 8 count and was allowed to continue, Berry then went in for the finish with Ref Chris Dean stopping the contest 2 minutes 37 seconds into the second round.

Berry wins second-round stoppage.

The second contest was another debutant in DnA’s Jagdeep Purewal taking on Liam Richards in the Super lightweight division. Purewal weighed in 9 stone 13 with Richards coming in 10 stone 1 with Chris Dean reffing this 4-round contest.

Nice shot picking in the first by Purewal with great movement which won him the round with ease. Purewal continued his good work in the second with great shots and some slick movement, Richards got the odd shot off to keep the contest completive. In the third Richards had a real go and got some good shots in, Purewal continued to move well and pick his shots to win the round. Purewal moved and grooved in the final round popping shots out as he did a bit if showboating o win the round and the fight,

Ref Chris Dean scored it 39 to 37 Purewal I had it 40 to 36 Purewal.

Purewal wins on points

Third, on the card, you had the unbeaten Musa Moyo taking on Kieron Thomas in the light heavyweight division. Moyo came into the fight with two wins and weighed in 12 stone 4 with Thomas coming in 12 stone 5 with Kevin Parker refereeing.

Moyo chased down his opponent in the first who was on the move, Moyo got some nice shots in to win the round. In the second Moyo really started to work well to the head and body catching Thomas with a cracking left hook to the head dropping him. Thomas took an 8 count and managed to survive the round as Moyo pored on the pressure. There was lots of holding in the third from Thomas as he had gone into survival, Moyo continued to bang good shots in to win the round. Moyo enjoyed himself in the rival round moving and grooving as he banged in some eye-catching shots.

Myself and ref Kevin Parker had it the same 40 to 35 Moyo

Moyo wins on points.

The fourth fight on the card was the unbeaten Umar Anjum taking on Ryan Bithell in the light heavyweight division. Anjum who is unbeaten in 2 contests weighed in 12 stone 13 with Bithell coming in 12 stone 8 with Chris Dean reffing.

Hard-fought first round with both fighters getting good shots off, even round. The second was another round where I could not split them with both fighters again getting good shots off. Bithell got some good shots off with Anjum seeming to be struggling with his southpaw stance, Bithell won the round. Bithell let his hand go in the final round and was catching Anjum with some nice left hands, Anjum finished the round strongly but Bithell won the round.

Ref Chris Dean scored the fight 39 to 37 Anjum I had it 40 to 38 Bithell.

Anjum wins the round on points.

Headlining the show, you had the unbeaten Scott Melvin taking on MJ Hall in a Welterweight contest. Melvin is unbeaten in three contests weighed in 10 stone 6 with Hall coming in 10 stone 11 with Kevin Parker refereeing.

Great movement by Melvin in the first with great shot picking and movement going head sides body well. Melvin continued his good work in the second picking his shots well which had Hall on the back foot for most of the round, Hall rallied a bit at the end but Melvin won the round with ease. Good third round by both fighters ass Hall let his hands go to make it a competitive contest, Melvin was not phased by this and continued to bang shots in and moved well to win the round. In the final round Hall continued to make it competitive getting some good shots in, Melvin continued to box well to win the thunder and the fight.

Ref Kevin Parker had it 40 to 36

Melvin, I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thought’s