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O’Toole Makes It Five Without Defeat

Droitwich's Sian O’Toole took her professional record to five without defeat on the BcB Promotions show at the H-Suite Edgbaston (10.05.24) The Twenty five year old Midlands Featherweight champ was taking on twenty seven year old Yaiza Souto from Spain in a six two-minute round contest in the super Featherweight division. O’Toole weighed in nine stone three with Souto coming in nine stone roots with ‘A’ star referee Kevin Parker reffing.

O’Toole controlled the first round with a nice sharp jab and some great movement and combinations. O’Toole started to let some heavy shots go in the second with everything coming off sharp jab, Souto had no answer to O’Toole's movement and shot picking. O’Toole picked up the pace in the third and landed some heavy backhands to Souto head and body with everything coming off a great jab.

Some proper eye-catching shot from O’Toole in the fourth from O’Toole as she dictated the round landing some cracking jabs, left hooks and and some hurtful backhands. The fifth was another dominate round by O’Toole who landed some nice left hook body shots with her opponent having no answer. Souto was just looking to see the final bell as she had no answer to O’Toole’s high work-rate, O’Toole continued to dominant and Souto managed to see the final bell.

‘A star’ ref Kevin Parker scored it 60 to 54 O’Toole, I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great performance by Sian who dominated this six-round contest. O’Toole has now had two six rounder’s since winning the Featherweight Midlands Area title and I think she needs to be fighting at that level or above so she can showcase her skills. I have said this on a number of occasions how hood O’Toole it but like I said about Tori Ellis Willetts O’Toole could continue beating these journey women and stacking up the wins or BcB Promotions and her team can get her the real challenges for big domestic or European titles which I could see her winning. This was once again a great performance with her dominating ever round and I look forward to seeing her fight again very soon.


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