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Ogbeide Back To Winning Ways

Birmingham’s Nico Ogbeide got back to winning ways after drawing his last contest in December of 2023 with a shutout victory on the BcB Promotions show  Collision Course at the Eastside Rooms Birmingham (12.04.24) The Twenty nine year old  was having his third contest of his professional career and was taking on veteran Lithuanian fighter Simas Volosinas (33) who was entering the ring for the one hundredth and fifth time. The contest was scheduled over four three-minute rounds in the super lightweight division with Ogbeide weighing in nine stone five and Volosinas coming in nine stone ten with Ryan Churchill refereeing.

Steady start by Ogbeide who picked his shots well in the first round using a nice jab to set up some good combinations to the head and body. Great movement in the second by Ogbeide as he guided around the ring shooting out the jab and landing nice combinations with Volosinas just having to cover up.

The third was again controlled by Ogbeide who used his jab well as Volosinas started to let his hands go with Ogbeide landing some nice counters and combinations to win the round. Ogbeide continued to use his jab well in the final round as Volosinas continued to press forward, the work rate dropped but Ogbeide won the round.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored the contest 40 to 36 to Ogbeide I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Great to see Ogbeide getting back to winning ways and he seems to have made adjustments after his draw in his last contest. Ogbeide looked very slick using his jab well and showed great movement when Volosinas did press him getting a shutout victory. Ogbeide still has a lot to learn as a professional boxer but if he continues to get his hand raised, I can see him in four or five fights looking to get a shot at a Midlands area title. Well, done to Ogbeide and I look forward to seeing him fight again soon.


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