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Organised Mayhem TOP 18.6.22

Tommy Owens Promotions held there June show at the H-Suite Edgbaston 18th of June 2022. The show was called Organised Mayhem and consisted of six bouts of boxing with five over four 3-minute rounds and one over four, two-minute rounds. Doing the four two-minute rounder in the home corner was Brett Egan who was making his debut as a professional boxer. Doing the four, three-minute rounds fight’s you had one debutant and four unbeaten fighters in the home corner. Making his debut you had super Middleweight you had Lewis Howell with the unbeaten fighters being Sam Pikire and Jag Purewal from D&A school of boxing, Craig Brewin and Ashlee Eales.

We also had a referee Making his debut with ex professional boxer Pete McCormick putting the bow tie on for the first time, also reffing and scoring all the fights you had Chris Dean.

The firsts fight was in the Middleweight division with Brett Egan Making his debut weighing in 11 stone 4 against Paul Cummings who came in 11 stone six over four two-minute rounds with Pete McCormick reffing.

Egan started his debut well putting some nice combinations together going head and body well. In the second Egan showed some great movement and some eye-catching uppercuts as he won the round with ease. There was more great movement from Egan in the third as he picked his shots well winning the round. Cummings had a go in the final round but Egan replied well and dropped Cummings with a nice left hand, Cummings was counted but got to his feet and saw the round out.

The Chris Dean scored it 40 to 35 Egan I had it the same.

The second contest of the evening was unbeaten Sam Pikire taking on Stu Greener over four three-minute rounds. Pikire came in 9 stone 8 with Greener coming in 10 stone 2 in this Welterweight contest with Chris Dean reffing.

Pikire started fast with great movement and shot picking, Greener came back strong near the end of the round but it was Pikire round. Both fighters started fast in the second with Greener getting the better of the exchanges. Pikire had his moments but Greener let a great fast combination go near the end of the round which put Pikire down for the first time in his career. The bell went but Chris Dean continued the count with Pikire getting to his feet and returning to his corner. In the third Pikire battled hard but you had to give the round to Greener getting the cleaner shots off. Greener went hunting for Pikire in the final round and caught him with some big shots notably the left hook. Pikire showed loads of heart as they went toe too toe until the final bell.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 39 to 36 to Greener I had it the same.

The third fight of the night was Lewis Howell who was making his debut against Jordan Grannum in a four three-minute round super Middleweight contest. Howell came in 11 stone 9 with Grannum coming in 11 stone 11 with Pete McCormick reffing.

Steady start by Howell who out worked Grannum with nice jabbing and good combinations. In the second Grannum let his hands go but Howell worked well behind his jab and got the better shots off. Howell picked up the pace in the third as Grannum piled on the pressure, even round. Grannum continued to press in the final round but Howell boxed well banging in good shots to win the round and the fight.

Chris Dean scored it 39 to 37 to Howell I had it 40 to 37 Howell.

Fight number four was the talented and unbeaten in two contests Jag Purewal Who was taking on Paul Scarf in a super Welterweight contest. Purewal weighed in 10 stone nine with Scarf coming in the same with Chris Dean reffing.

Nice movement and some great shot picking by Purewal to win the first round. Scrappy second round with lots of holding by both fighters, but when they did exchange Purewal was getting the better of the round. Purewal continued to move well in the third picking his shots well to win the round. Purewal finished the final round strong moving and grooving and picking his shots well.

Chris Dean scored it 39 to 37 to Purewal I had it 40 to 36 to Purewal.

The fifth fight of the night was a super Welterweight contest with Craig Brewin taking on Ukrainian Myhcilo Soures in a four round three-minute fight. Brewin weighed in 10 stone 10 with Soures coming in 10 stone 11 with Pete McCormick reffing.

Brewin came out firing in the first round getting some nice combinations off, Soures had some joy when he pinned Brewin to the ropes but it was Brewins round. Soures started the second strong pushing Brewin back and going head and body well, Brewin had his moments but Soures won this round. Another great round with both fighters getting good shots off but have to give this one to Soures for the cleaner shots. Fantastic contest with the final round not discounting as both fighters went for it, Brewin got this round with the cleaner rounds.

Chris Dean scored it 39 to 37 Brewin I had it 38 to 38 draw.

The main event of the night was the unbeaten Ashlee Eales who was taking on debutant Kirk Seemore in a Middleweight contest. Eales came in 11 stone 3 with Seemore weighing 11 stone 4 with Chris Dean reffing.

Eales started well and worked behind a nice jab, Seemore was working well but was just being beat to the punch. Seemore was put down by Eales but it was deemed a slip by the ref. Eales looked really comfortable in the second and was picking his shots well and seemed in full control. Eales then let a straight right to the body then a straight right to the head which dropped Seemore with the ref starting a pointless count as Seemore was out.

Eales won the fights 22 seconds into the second round.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a fantastic night of boxing, major credit hoes to the journeymen who turned up to have a scrap and ask the young prospects questions.

Brett Egan put on a great display of boxing with a very game Paul Cummings even putting him down with a nice left hand in the fourth. Egan looks like he has potential and I look forward to see him fight again.

The second fight of the night was an absolute cracker with Sam Pikire going toe too tie with Stu Greener. Pikire was dropped for the first time in his career but showed heart getting back to his feet and battling Greener to the final bell. Pikire may have not got the win but would have learned a lot from this fight and I’m sure with the help of his team he will come back better and stronger.

Great debut for Howell as he took on the tough journeyman Jordan Grannum in his first contest. Grannum put the pressure on and Howell responded well winning the fight. I look forward to following his career.

Purewal impressed in his fight against Scarf, he showed great movement and shot picking and avoiding the left hooks that he was prone to get caught with in his last fight. He is now 3 without defeat and seems to be improving every time he fights. I look forward to his next contest.

Brewin against Soures was another cracking contest with the Ukrainian bringing the heat. Soures showed loads of heart and spirit and on my card earned himself a draw. Brewin boxed well against a very tough opponent and will learn a lot from this win.

Ashlee Eales showed his quality in his fourth contest and getting his first stoppage of his career. Seemores trainers must have had a lot of faith in their boxer as he made his debut against an unbeaten fighter but it was very short lived as Eales made short work of him. Eales is a very talented prospect and looks destined to fight for a title in the next few years.

The Birmingham Boxing Column would like to thank Tommy Owens Promotions for having us at there show

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