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Osbourne-Edwards Looks Good In Eleventh Win.

Thirty-five-year-old Jermaine Osbourne-Edwards took his professional boxing record to eleven without defeat on the Black Country Promotions show ‘Pride of the Black Country’ held on 21.06.24). The Wolverhampton fighter was taking on Mykhailo Sovtus (31) from Ukraine in a six-round contest at the Hangar Venue Wolverhampton. This was part of a night of a five-fight card with Osbourne-Edwards weighing in ten stone thirteen with Sovtus coming in ten stone six  in this Super Welterweight competition with Ryan Churchill reffing.


Osbourne-Edwards didn’t have it all his own way in the first round as Sovtus had come to fight landing some good shots, Osbourne-Edwards was always in control landing heavy combinations but Sovtus kept it competitive. Osbourne-Edwards used his jab well at the start of the second keeping Sovtus on the end of it. Sovtus was still looking to land shots but Osbourne-Edwards landed the cleaner and more eye-catching shots to win the round. Osbourne-Edwards stepped it up in the third and started to pick the very game Sovtus off landing some heavy combinations rocking Sovtus several times who managed to stay on his feet and see the round out.

 Sovtus to his credit was still looking to land shots in the fourth and had bits of joy. Osbourne-Edwards used his jab well with some great movement landing heavy combinations looking for a stoppage. Osbourne-Edwards continued to land heavy combinations in the fifth with Sovtus being warned for hitting low, Osbourne-Edwards landed do evil combinations after this with Sovtus somehow absorbing them and seeing the round out. Sovtus continued to have a go looking to land shots. Osbourne-Edwards used the ring well landing some nasty backhands and uppercuts with Sovtus taking them and continuing to press forward.


Ref Ryan Churchill scored it 60 to 54 Osbourne-Edwards, I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Good performance by Osbourne-Edwards who took his record to eleven without defeat. Sovtus kept the fight completive and had some joy, this was a very good tick over fight and he showcased why he is Midland’s area champion. Osbourne-Edwards is now thirty-five he may look good for his age but father time catches up with all of us. I would really like to see him either defend his Midlands title against a worthy opponent or possibly move on and fight for bigger titles before he calls it a day.





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