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Paddy Martin 'Hall of Fame"

If you know the man then you know what Paddy Martin contributed to the noble art of boxing over the last 'FIVE" decades. As a pro he fought in Canada and upstate Newyork with the likes of George Chavelo as a stable mates. When he returned to Birmingham Paddy joined the Aston Villa ABC boxing team as a coach and soon became head coach. Paddy trained multiple area, regional and national champions before the Holte pub closed down in 1988. Paddy then formed his own gym at the Britannia pub with the club staying there for a year before moving the gym up the road to the Rose and Crown pub Erdington. For the last 34 years Paddy with the help of his son Dean have shaped and mentored thousands of young lads and lassies from around the area teaching them the noble art of boxing and character building for the future.

It is an honour and a privilege to enter Paddy into the Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Fame’ for his contribution to boxing.

Below is a short documentary about this great man

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Feb 11, 2023

Paddy Martin = LEGEND.

This world certainly needs more people like Paddy. This man has dedicated his life to helping young kids become rich in spirit and strong in the fight. Even here across the pond in the U.S. Paddy has made his mark. I for one, have been greatly inspired by this man. Go Paddy 🥊

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