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  • Dexter Hastings

Rebel with a Cause 2 Tommy Owens Promotions

Tommy Owens Promotions was back at the Holte Suite Villa Park Birmingham to put on their final show in October called Rebel with a cause 2 (23.10.21). The show had seven fights on it with six of the fights being contested over 4 three-minute rounds and the main event being over six three-minute rounds. Doing the four rounders’ in the home corner you had Stead Woodall, Musa Moyo, Scott Melvin, and Louise Fielding. Also, there were two debutants with Elliot Sowe and Brad Goldsmith completing the four-round fights. The main event would be the talented Danny Quartermaine taking on Dean Evans over six rounds. Refereeing on the night you had Chris Dean and Shaun Messer.

The first fight of the evening was the return of Steed Woodall after making his name in boxing over in America. Steed (27) in September came into this fight with a very impressive record of 15-wins 1 draw and only one defeat. Woodall who had not stepped in the squared circle since May of 2017 and would be taking on experience Journeyman Darryl Sharp in the Cruiserweight division. Woodall weighed in 12 stone 7 with Sharp coming in 12 stone 12 with Chris Dean reffing.

Woodall controlled the center of the ring in the first round with a nice sharp and hard jab, Sharp stayed away as Woodall kept it long. Woodall started to let his hands go in the second getting some heavy shots off, Sharp tried to stay away and let the odd shit off. In the third Woodall banged in some more Heavy shots as Sharp went into survival mode. Woodall turned up the heat in the final round as he went through the gears letting his shots off while Sharp covered up to see the final bell.

Referee Chris Dean had it 40 to 36 Woodall I had it the same myself.

Next up you had Musa Moyo having his second fight after winning his first in September of this year, Mayo would be taking on Genadij Krajevskij in the light heavyweight division. Anyone weighed in 12 stone with Krajevskij coming in 12 stone 1 with Shaun Messer refereeing.

Mayo cane out swinging in the first and was looking for an early night as he banged in big shots from behind a good jab. Mayo was still looking for that knockout shot as he battered Krajevskij around the ring who tried to battle back but Mayo was bossing the fight. Mayo started the third steady but as soon as he caught Krajevskij with a big shot he went all out again rocking his opponent several times in the round. Mayo started to enjoy himself in the final round and played to the massive following he had brought along as he danced and moved banging in big shots until the final bell rang.

Ref Shaun Messer scored it 40 to 36 I had it the same.

The third contest of the evening was debutant Elliott Sowe taking on ‘The Bandit’ Josh Hodgins in a Middleweight contest. Sowe weighed in 10 stone 7 with Hodgins coming in 11 stone with Chris Dean reffing.

Back and forth first round with Hodgins banging in some good shots but Sowe used his jab well to get some nice combinations off, even round. Sowe used his jab well in the second as Hodgins stroked him around the ring, Sowe won the round with better shots and a higher work rate. Sowe teed off with a nice jab in the third and got some nice combinations off, Hodgins reminded Sowe several time during the round that he was in a fight with some cracking left hooks. Hodgins battled hard as Sowe boxed well on the back foot, Hodgins continued to press and just nicked the round.

Ref Chris Dean scored it 39 to 37 Sowe I had it 39 to 38 Sowe.

Forth on the card was another debutant in Brad Goldsmith who was taking on the tough journeyman Jordan Grannum in a super middleweight contest. Goldsmith weighed in 11 stone 11 with Grannum coming in at 12 stone with Shaun Messer refereeing.

Good start by Goldsmith as he pumped out a heavy jab to control the round and also got some nice combinations off. The second round was the same as the first with Goldsmith keeping it long behind a heavy jab and banging in big shots to Grannum’s head and body as he covered up. Goldsmith’s southpaw jab was working well in the third and continued to keep it long and get tidy combinations off. Granny had a go in the final round and made Goldsmith work and stay composed behind his jab that had been the key all night.

Shaun Messer scored the contest 40 to 36 Goldsmith I had it the same.

Number 5 on the card was the talented Scott Melvin who was having his second contest in his pro career. He would be taking on Constantin Radoi in a lightweight contest over four rounds. Both fighters weighed in the same 9 stone 9 with Chris Dean reffing this one.