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River will Flow at Planet Ice

Former English Middleweight Champ and Commonwealth and WBC Silver title challenger is a welcome addition to the undercard at Planet Ice Solihull (10.5.23). The twenty-nine-year-old Coventry boxer was meant to be one of the headline fights at another Tommy Owens Promotions show to be held this month which has now been canceled. Wilson Bent who is coming off a stoppage defeat when he took on the highly rated unbeaten Austin Williams in April of this year. Wilson Bent went to social media to announce the switch in venues and dates say ‘date and venue change but business as usual, new date but same outcome, just more time to be on point, June 10th’.

I managed to contact River and asked him a few questions about the change and his training. He first informed me that he would be doing a six-rounder but did not know who he will be fighting said confidently “I’ll be ready for anyone who steps through the ropes”. We then talked about how his training had gone for this fight. He told me “I had a week off after the Ammo fight then I was back in the gym working on things, I'm feeling super fit, conditioned, and ready for any opportunities that come my way now”.

I then asked what he will be looking to do if he wins this fight. He told me “After this fight, we want the English title for sure but I'm ready for when the phone rings with another opportunity”. Wilson-Bent continued “Brad Pauls has been made mandatory to box for the English against someone who's ranked 40-something, I don't know how he's pulled that one off but I’ll be waiting for him after that fight”.

River said, “I’ve got my eyes on everyone who's ranked above me”.


Dexter’s Thoughts

I am chuffed to bits that Rivers' fight has been moved to this blockbuster show, he is a great addition to an already cracking undercard. He is coming off a loss and I feel sorry for his opponent on the night as I think River will flow at Planet Ice and I can see Wilson-Bent going through the gears and getting a stoppage in round five or six. He is looking to claim his English title back but may have to wait for Pauls to win it before he gets his crack. River will be looking at all the fighters above him and he will be ready if the phone rings for any big titles on the line. Like I said I am looking forward to seeing River fight  on the 10th June.





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