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Round up ‘Wolves At The Door

We have three more fights to report on from the ‘Wolves at the Door’ show which was held at Wolverhampton Civic Hall and was promoted by Queensberry Promotions (18.11.23). The three contests were on the undercard of the Signani v Denny fight with three fighters coming out of the home corner coming out of the Midlands. Doing a six rounder in the super Lightweight division we had Twenty-eight-year-old Birmingham fighter Tion Gibbs kicked off the show taking on Twenty-six-year-old Greek Efstathios Antonas. Tion came into the contest with a record of ten wins out of eleven contests, Efstathios has won five and drew one of his eight fights.

Next up was the unbeaten twenty-one-year-old Gully Powar who has won all six of his pro fights so far. Powar was doing a four-rounder in the super Featherweight division and was taking on Engel Gomez who has won eight and drew two out of thirty-nine fights.

The final fight on the report was twenty-seven-year-old Coventry boxer Dylan Cheema who was doing a six rounder in the lightweight division against Nicaraguan southpaw Robin Zamora. Cheema had won nine fights out of ten with Zamora winning twenty out of his forty-four contests


Tion Gibbs v Efstathios Antonas

Gibbs weighed in 9 stone thirteen And so did Antonas with Ron Kearney reffing.



Gibbs boxed well in the first three rounds winning two out of the three rounds. In the fourth a very game Antonas continued to pour forward asking questions and when Gibbs was allowed to settle and box, he picked his shots well winning the round. Gibbs picked his shots well in the fifth as Antonas pressed forward letting his hands go landing shots but Gibbs won the round with the cleaner shots. A scrappy final round with both fighters digging deep with a few clashes of heads with both fighters sustaining cuts with Antonas nicking the round.

Ref Ron Kearney scored it 57 to 57 draw I had it 58 to 56 to Gibbs.


Gully Powar v Engel Gomez

Powar weighed in 9 stone 3 with Gomez coming in 9 stone 5 with Ron Kearney reffing.


Powar started the first round well getting some great body shots in and really putting it on Gomez, Gomez stood strong and picked some hood shots but it was Powar round. Powar started the second where he left off the first, picking nice sharps combinations and landing some nice body shots winning the round with ease. Gomez was in survival mode in the third as Powar measured his shots looking to go to the body as he pinned Gomez to the ropes. Gomez came to life in the final round and let his hands go but could not land a shot on Powar, Powar continued his good work landing nice combinations impressing on his Boxxer debut.

Ref Ron Kearney scored the fight 40 to 36 to Powar I had it the same.


Dylan Cheema v Robin Zamora

Cheema weighed in 9 stone 11 with Zamora coming in 9 stone thirteen with Ron Kearney reffing.

Cheema started the round well but Zamora landed some nice shots and made the first round difficult for Cheema who finished the round better but it was Zamora’s round. Cheema hadn’t got into his groove yet in the second and Zamora continued to let his hands go landing nice shots, Cheema got some nice combinations off but Zamora won the round. Cagey third round with Zamora getting some good shots off with Cheema edging the round. Zamora controlled the pace in the fourth picking nice shots with Cheema landing good shots but Zamora finished the round strong to nick it. Cheema was put through the mill in the fourth as his big fan base cheered him on, Zamora landed some heavy shots winning the round. Zamora planted his feet in the final round letting some big shots go with Cheema standing strong and landing big shots of his own. Zamora then got on his toes as he sensed he had won the fight and boxed on the back foot.

Ref Ron Kearney scored the fight 59 to 56 Zamora I had it the same.


Dexter’s Thoughts

Some big upsets on this undercard with Cheema really underperforming in his fight after having to have two operations to get him back in the ring. Cheema looks a shad of the fighter who won the Boxxer Tournament and I really do hope he takes stock after this defeat and gets back to winning ways. Tion Gibbs was another fighter who seemed to be off the pace in his fight, I had him just nicking it but it really wasn’t a good display from such a talented fighter and fingers crossed he gets back to winning ways very soon. Gully Powar took his record to seven without defeat in a great display of boxing on his Boxxer Debut. He continues to impress and has a very bright future with hopefully a title shot in his next few fights.





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