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Sensational Victory for Fidoe

Updated: Jun 27, 2021

Journeyman Bret ‘The Threat’ Fidoe lived up to his nickname with a sensational Victory against Northern Ireland's Tyrone McCullagh on the MTK show (25,6,21). Fidoe (30) was having the 75th fight of his career where he had won 14, drew 5, and lose 65, McCullagh (30) from Derry had won 14 contests with his only defeat coming in his last fight. The fight was scheduled to be contested over 6 rounds and was in the Featherweight division with southpaw McCullagh coming in 9 stone 1 and Fidoe coming in at 8 stone 12.

The first two rounds went as expected with McCullagh using his jab well and getting some good combinations out with Fidoe covering up well and letting the odd shot go. It was the third round where Fidoe came to life as he started to let his hands go and caught McCullagh with a nice left hook which seemed to rock him. McCullagh took it well but Fidoe then jumped on him and let the left and right hooks go at his much taller adversary. McCullagh looked on shaky legs already then Fidoe caught him with a lovely left and then a right hook that put McCullagh down. The ref started to count and McCullagh managed to get to his feet, the ref took a long look at him before waving the fight off and giving Fidoe his 15th victory.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great victory for Fidoe, McCullagh and his team most likely thought that they were going to have a straightforward night with a good win after his last fight, but no one told Fidoe that. Brett is a seasoned journeyman and always gives a good show and puts the home boxer through their paces. But if he sees an opportunity he not called ‘The Threat' for nothing and will put it on you as he did to McCullagh. This was a great win for Brett let hope he gets more calls to fight as prospects want to test themselves instead of going for easy fights.

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