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Someone’s 0 has got to go BcB Promotions Undercard

On the undercard of the BcB Promotions Show ‘Someone’s ‘0’ has got to go’ with Midlands area champ Conah Walker headlining there were six bouts of boxing (1.10.21). On the undercard there were five 4 round contests over three minutes and a female contest over six, two-minute rounds. In the home corner you had four debutants in Lewis Morris, Jermaine Osbourne Edwards, Olli Cooper and Alex Round, you also had Ethan Collins having his second fight and Wolverhampton’s female fighter Kirstie Bavington.

Kicking off the show you had Lewis Morris taking on Reiss ‘Showy’ Taylor in a four round Bantamweight contest. Morris weighed in 8 stone 3 and Showy came in 8 stone 5 with Chris Dean reffing.

There was no feeling out in the first as both fighters let there hand go, Morris who towered over the southpaw Taylor and won the round with the cleaner shots. Morris controlled the ring in the second as Taylor battled hard but is was size that was winning this fight with Morris banging in some heavy right-hands.

Taylor tried hard to close the gap in the third with big right hands, but Morris controlled the distance and got some good shots off to edge the round. Scrappy final round as Taylor continued to press but Morris kept the distance and won the round.

Ref Chris Dean had it 40 to 36, I had it the same.

Next up we had Ethan Collins taking on Des Newton in a four round welterweight contest, both fighters came in at 10 stone 9 with Shaun Messer refereeing.

Nice movement and shot picking in the first from Collins but sometimes seemed to fall over his feet as he was to enthusiastic to get at Newton. Newton had some joy but Collins won this round. Collins again picked his shots well in the second and moved and slipped shot winning the round.

Lovely combinations from Collins in the third as he switch hit as Newton continued to press as Collins was starting to look tired. Newton pressed but Collins picked some lovely combinations as he moved well, Newton continued to walk Collins down and seemed to be enjoying the fight but Collins won the round.

Ref Shaun Messer scored it 40 to 36 I had it the same.

Next on he card was debutant Ollie Cooper who was taking on veteran Journeyman Kevin McCauley in a four round Middleweight contest. Cooper came in 11 stone 6 with McCauley coming in 11 stone 8 with Chris Dean reffing.

McCauley came out quick in the first and got some big right-hands off, Cooper boxed well behind a nice southpaw jab to win the round. Some great one, twos from Cooper in the second who was banging in heavy shots, McCauley moved well and covered up to see the round out.

More big combinations in the third from Cooper who controlled the round with some heavy one, twos as McCauley was in survival mode. Cooper continued to bang in big one, twos in the final round as McCauley could only cover up to see the final bell.

Referee Chris Dean scored it 40 to 36 Cooper I had it the same.

We then had a female Welterweight contest over six two minute rounds between Wolverhampton’s Kirstie Bavington who was taking on debutant Beccy Ferguson. Bavington came in 10 stobec1 and Ferguson comes in 9 stone 12 with Shsun Messer.

Both fighters came out swinging in the first as Bavington tried to put it on the debutant, Ferguson fought back hard but Bavington’s pressure won her the round. Bavington poured on the pressure in the second as Ferguson fought hard on the back foot, Bavington dominated the round with pure pressure. Bavington continued to pour the pressure on in the third with Ferguson battling hard but Bavington won the round.

In the fourth Ferguson started to let her hands go and was starting to win the battles when they traded shots, Bavington continued to press but I’d give this round to Ferguson. The fifth was another good round for Ferguson as she got good shots off, Bavington came back strong near the end could no split them. Bavington continued to pressure in the final round but seemed to be tiring, Ferguson banged in some nice shots but Bavington won the round.

Ref Shaun Messer scored it 60 to 55 to Bavington, I had it 59 to 56 Bavington.

Next up was a super Welterweight contest over 4 rounds between Jermaine Osbourne Edwards and M J Hall. Edwards came in 10 stone 7 with Hall coming in 10 stone 9 with Chris Dean reffing.

Not much in the first round as both fighters had there moments, even round. Edwards started to let his hands go in the second and got some eye-catching shots off, Hall moved well but itbwas Edwards who finished stronger.

Edwards took full control in the third as the two southpaws went at it, Hall continued to move well but Edwards was always in control. Edwards came out strong in the final round and was looking for a big finish for his big support, Hall continued to move well and stayed out of trouble to see the final bell.

Ref Chris Dean Scored it 40 to 36 to Edwards I had it 40 to 37 Edwards.

The final fight on this cracking undercard was Alex Round taking on Kearon Thomas in a four round super Middleweight contest. Round weighed in 11 stone 6 with Thomas coming in the same with Shaun Messer refereeing.

In the first Alex came out firing banging in shots to the head and body of his opponent, Thomas got replied with some good shots but Alex won this one. Both fighters went toe too toe in the second as they banged in big shots, Alex came out on top in this round with the more accurate and heaver shots.

Alex gave himself some space in the third and let big combinations off with Thomas still trying to get on the inside, Alex won the round. Alex poured on the pressure in the final round banging in big shots all the way through, Thomas came back with shots of his own but Alex won the round.

Ref Shaun Messer scored it 40 to 36, I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great undercard this was and a great venue to have it in, the atmosphere in the Hangar venue was one of the best I have been at. There were no real big surprises in these fights as the home corner got a clean swipe winning every fight. All the debutants looked impressive and some like Edwards brought big support with them, it will be very interesting to see how far they can go.

The fight that stood out for me was the female one between Bavington and Ferguson, Bavington showed why she has fought on big shows as she really put it on the debutant and showed controlled aggression and pressure to win the fight convincingly. But I have to say I was very impressed with her opponent Ferguson, for one just taking a six-round contest against someone as good as Bavington on her debut. I thought Ferguson looked like she has the potential to be a very accomplished boxer as at points in the fight she boxed well especially on the back foot and finished the contest strong. I will be looking forward to see how her career plans out.

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