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St Valentine's day Masicure 

BcB Promotions

The Column traveled to the Bank’s stadium Walsall for Black Country Boxing Promotions ‘St Valentine’s day Manicure’ (14/2/20). The show consisted of 5 bouts of boxing with 4 of the fights over 4 three minute rounds and one over 6 three minute rounds. Kicking off the show doing a four rounder you had Clayton Bracknell taking on Daryl Pearce, you also had a Heavyweight contest between Emir Ahmatovic and Walter Palacios over four rounds. Doing a six rounder you had former Midlands area champion and English title challenger Kane Baker taking on the very game Dean Jones. Rounding off the show you had one of the bbcolumn’s ‘boxer to watch’ Liam Davies who would be taking on the tricky Brett Fidoe. The final was Kearon Thomas taking on debutant Ryan Whitehead in a 4 rounder. Referee on the night was Chris Dean, Comparing on the night was Ricky and the ring girl was Toni from Diamond ring girls.

Fight 1

Clayton Bricknell v Daryl Pearce

Super Lightweight


Good start to the first round by both fighters, Bricknell got off the better shots but Pearce fought back hard but had to give it to Bricknell. The second was another hard fought round with Pearce putting in some good combinations, Bricknell moved well around the ring getting good shot off of his own, Bricknell just edged it. The pace slowed in the third with Pearce just edging the round with his work rate. In the final round Pearce continued to press and was getting the better shots off, Bricknell look tired and had seemed to have switched off as he just shot out the odd shot.


Dexter- 38-38

Ref - 39-37

Bricknell wins on points

Fight 2

Emir Ahmatovic v Walter Palacios



Big shots let off by both fighters with Ahmatovic getting the better of the exchanges, he was also told to keep his punches up. Ahmatovic banged in some big shots and heavy combinations with Palacios fighting back hard but always on the defensive. In the third Ahmatovic Camelot with intent and banged in some heavy combinations, he caught Palacios with a cracking shot that rocked him with the ropes the only reason he stayed on his feet. As ref Chris Dean started to count Palacios took his gum shield out and shook his head to say he did not want to continue.


Ahmatovic wins 32 seconds into round three.

Fight 3

Kane Baker v Dean Jones



Nice controlled start to the fight by Baker who moved well around the ring and got some cracking combinations off, Jones covered up well and battled back but it was Bakers round. In the second Baker controlled the pace and the centre of the ring and got some nice combinations to the head and body. Jones battled back when he could but again it was Bakers round. Baker was in total control in the third as he picked his shots well and slipping Jones shots when he came back, slick round for Baker.

Jones stepped up his work rate in the forth and Baker replied with great movement and combinations, you had to give Jones credit as he continued to ask questions of Baker. Jones continued to ask questions of Baker in the fifth and looked like he might get a share of this round, Baker came back strong in the last minute. In the final round Jones worked Baker as they both banged in good combinations, great round, great fight.


Dexter 59-56

Ref - 58-56

Baker wins on points.

Fight 4

Liam Davies v Brett Fidoe


Super Bantamweight

Fidoe slipped a lot of Davies shot in the first as Davies looked to get off to a fast start, when Davies calmed down he won the round on work rate. Fidoe continued to make Davies miss at the start of the round but did not make him pay by countering. Davies then caught Fidoe with some good shots and controlled the back end of the round. Fidoe moved well in the third and continued to make Davies miss with good movement, Davies continued to let his hands go and won the round on work rate. Controlled round with Davies looking to use his jab Fidoe continued to press and got some good shots off, close round.


Dexter – 39-38

Ref – 39-37

Davies wins on points.

Fight 5

Kearon Thomas v Ryan Whitehead


Super Middleweight

Whitehead came out swinging from the first bell banging in shots to Thomas’s head and body, Thomas was forced to cover up for the whole of the round. Whitehead continued his fast pace in the second and banged in big shots to Thomas’s head and body, Thomas got some shots off but this was Whitehead’s round. Thomas showed some real heart in the third as he fought back hard as Whitehead ploughed forward banging big shots in, you had to give Thomas credit for taking some heavy shots. Thomas looked tired in the final round as Whitehead continued his fast pace, Thomas stood strong and managed to see the final bell.


Dexter – 36-40

Ref - 36-40

Whitehead wins on points.

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a cracking show with some great fights, BcB really gave there home boxers some good tests tonight which meant for some good fights.

We start with Kearon Thomas against Ryan Whitehead, Whitehead was making his debut and really made his mark with a high pace display of boxing. Thomas put up a brave effort and battled hard but Whitehead was relentless, very impressive debut by Ryan Whitehead.

Liam Davies was asked a lot of questions by Brett Fidoe who tested the bbcolumn ‘boxer to watch' for all four rounds. Davies got the victory but will admit himself it wasn’t his best performance. Fidoe is always a tricky Boxer and showed great movement to make Davies miss but did not make him pay. Davies can take this fight as another learning lesson as he continues his unbeaten record.

Kane Baker had a cracking six rounder against the always game Dean Jones, Baker looked very controlled and his movement was great as he slipped Jones’s punches well. Jones as always had a good go and battled hard which made this the fight of the night. Baker can now focus on his up and coming rematch against Myron Mills on the 10th April for the English Lightweight title.

Ahmatovic was in devastating form and you could see this stoppage coming form the start. This was the first time I had seen him boxes and after watching the unbeaten fighter you could see him making some waves in the domestic heavyweight boxing.

Bricknell against Pearce was a great way to start the night, it was a hard fought fight and I had it even at the end with the ref Chris Dean having Bricknell winning. Every round was close so can not argue with the refs decision, Bricknell did seem to switch off in the final round but got the win and can move on to his next fight.

The Birmingham boxing Column would like to thank BcB Promotions for having us at there show.


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