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Summers Loses on a Split Decision

BcB's Ricky Summers was in a cracking contest for the English Light Heavyweight title in Bolton on the MTK show (17,4,21). ‘The Digger’ was taking on current unbeaten English champ Dan Azeez over 10 rounds which was being streamed live on ILTV's YouTube channel. Azeez weighed in 12 stone 6 with Summers coming in 12 stone 6 as well.

In the first round both boxers got there jabs going and both had joy in a very competitive round. Summers got some great combinations off in the second but the more eye-catching shots came from Azeez who just edged the round for me. Lovely jabbing from Summers in the third with some great one two’s but was getting caught with nice counters from Azeez. Summers marched Azeez down and never took a backwards step but Azeez won the round with the cleaner shots.

The 4th was a better round for Summers who let his hands go and got some lovely combinations off, Azeez had his moments but this was Summers round. Summers used his jab well again in the fifth as he started to grow into the fight with some great combinations and movement. The sixth was a fairly even round as both fighters got good shots off, Azeez put some good shots together, Azeez put some good shots together near the end but Summers came back with shot of his own.

Both fighters stepped up the pace in the seventh and let their hands go, Summers nicked the round with the better shots.

Azeez countered well in the eighth round, Summers had his moments but Azeez nicked this one. Azeez was catching Summers clean with some very eye-catching shots, Summers came back strong and rocked Azeez with a great right hand, Azeez managed to take it and finish the round strong. Great battling final round as Azeez tried to finish strong, Summers stood tall and fought back hard to get a share of the final round.

The three judges scored it like this Michael Alexander scored it 97 to 95 to Summers Steve Grey scored it 96 to 94 Azeez and judge Terry O’Connor scored it 97 to 93 in favor of Azeez.

Myself I had it 97 to 96 Summers.

Azeez wins split decision.

Dexter’s Thought’s

What a great performance by Summers, this was a very, very close contest which could have gone either way. I had Ricky winning it by a point but there were a lot of close rounds so cannot really argue with any of the cards. Ricky has not fought for over a year due to the lockdowns but as the fight went on he got better and better. Hopefully he gets another chance to get his hand on one of the bigger titles as after that close performance I think he deserves it. I look forward to seeing Ricky back in the ring very soon.


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