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The ‘0-Taker’ in Controversial Draw in Midlands Title Fight

Birmingham’s ‘0-Taker' Ben Fields looked disgusted in the 95 – 95 Draw that was announced after a potential 'Fight of the year’ contest against Jamie Stewart for his Welterweight Midlands area title (1.10.22). The fight took place at the Kings Hall Stoke on Trent where the majority of the support was for the home boxer Stewart. Stewart (29) from Stoke weighed in 10 stone 3 with Fields (32) came in 10 stone 6 with ‘A star ref’ Kevin Parker reffing

Fast start by Fields as Stewart tried to match him with both fighters getting good shots off, Stewart rocked Fields with a cracking uppercut but Fields won the round on pressure and work-rate. The second was another high paced round with both fighters again getting good shots off, Fields continued to press and pressure Stewart and out worked him to win the round. Stewart had no answer for Fields relentless pressure and determination as he was bullied around the ring and out worked losing the round. Stewart had his best round as Fields stood off, Fields came back in the second part of the round when he started to apply the pressure even round. Stewart got some nice combinations off in the fifth but was still being pushed back by Fields who seemed to be tiring, Stewart edged this round.

Great battling sixth round by both fighters but Fields continued to press and pressure the whole round, could not split them. Fields took control again in the seventh and out worked and pressed Stewart back to win the round. Fireworks in the eighth as both fighters went for it, Fields was talked to by the ref (not really sure why) but Fields won the round on work rate. Stewart started the ninth well rocking Fields with some good shots, Fields showed a lot of heart and continued to press and pressure but Stewart won the round. Both fighters went for it in the final round but Fields continued to back Stewart up winning the round again on work rate.

‘A Star ref’ Kevin Parker scored the fight 95 to 85 a draw I scored the fight 94 to 98 Fields.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Before I get into the result, I just want to say what a fight! This is definitely a contender for the Bbcolumn fight of the year. Both fighters can be very proud of their performance what a fight.

Now for the result, I had Fields up by 4 rounds and yes a lot of rounds where close but when they are you have to take aggression and work rate into consideration. Fields pushed Stewart back for most of the fight and in the close rounds just out worked him. I could see what Stewart was trying to do boxing on the back foot but let’s face it he is not no Floyd Mayweather and could not coupe with Fields relentless onslaught. The one good thing with the draw is that we will hopefully get to see this again, but I am gutted for Fields as he should be waking up today as the Midlands area Welterweight champ, I look forward to the rematch.

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