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The ‘0-Taker Ready For His Next Challenge

Inspirational Birmingham fighter Ben Fields is champing at the bit to return to the ring and continue his amazing story. Nicknamed the ‘0-Taker’ by the Column after beating 7 unbeaten fighters on his travels, Fields is training hard at Cogans Corner boxing gym under the tutelage of his coach Shaun Cogan. Fields has had two fights during lockdown, first traveling to Liverpool and beating the much-fancied Alex Fearon on points to be crowned Midlands super lightweight champ, then relinquishing the title to take on the hard hitting Kaisee Benjamin for the vacant Welterweight Midlands area title losing on points.

I caught up to Ben at the gym and asked him about a rumor I’d heard about a potential title fight against the unbeaten Tom Silcox for the super Lightweight title? Ben told me, “yeah I have heard this but nothing has been confirmed, I’m just training hard waiting for the right fight to come along". I then asked him how he thought a fight with Silcox would go? Fields replied, “yeah I think it would be a great fight, Tom is a good boxer and is unbeaten but obviously I think I would win especially at super lightweight”.

I then got to talk to Ben’s trainer Shaun Cogan and asked him about potential fights and how Fields is doing in training? Shaun told me “Ben is training like he is already in camp, he is keeping in weight and is ready for the right fight". Shaun continued “we have had some fight offers but all of them have been at higher weights and have not really been the right fights to move Ben forward”. I then ask Shaun about the Silcox fight? Shaun said, “this is a fight we want but nothing has been confirmed and I think it would be a great fight but Ben is ready for when the right fight comes along".

Dexter’s Thoughts

It was great to catch up with Ben and I can confirm the ‘0-Taker’ is training hard. I have the privilege of training at the same gym as this inspirational fighter and if you know his story you know how far he has come. Ben is a true fighter and would be happy to take anyone on but his manager and coach are doing the right thing by turning down fights above his weight division. The Silcox fight for me would be a cracker, Tom (a former Bbcolumn boxer to watch) has won all 8 of his fights and has beaten some good journeymen on the way, but this would be a big step up for ‘The Silk'. The fight would be easy to make as they are both managed by Jon Pegg and in my opinion, it would be a great advertisement for Midlands boxing. Fingers crossed this fight happens, but I just look forward to seeing Ben fight soon.


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