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'The Blade' Cuts Down Reid.

Litchfield’s Brad Foster has silenced all the doubters with a near perfect stoppage victory over Lucien Reid. ‘The Blade’ cut down Reid when he retired in his corner at the end of the sixth round. Foster who was having a rematch with Reid after a Majority draw at York Hall Bethnal Green on September 2019, the 22 year old returned to York Hall (22,2,20) to take on Reid with the Foster barmy army behind him. The first round was quite even but by the second Foster had the measure of Reid banging in some cracking combinations, closing the gap well and looking strong and sharp. Reid showed heart and fought back but Foster was just relentless slipping inside and getting some stylish combinations off. By round 5 Foster was leading Reid a merry dance as he drew Reid into traps to unleash some fast sharp combinations. Foster caught Reid with a low blow at the start of the sixth round who was given time to recover. Foster then battered Reid all over the ring banging in some heavy right hands to Reid’s head, how Reid saw the end of the ground was testament to his preparation. Reid was then retired in his corner at the end of the sixth round. In a interview after the fight Foster was asked how he felt about the fight? He said “ I feel great is hasn’t really sunk in yet”. When Foster was asked what was next he said “one fight at a time, I want to win the British title outright".

Dexter’s Thoughts

What a great performance by Foster, he has not had it easy as the British and Commonwealth champ as he has had all his fights away from home. At the age of 22 he has won a Midlands area then went on and claimed the British and then Commonwealth titles in just 14 fights. He has been used as a high profile journeyman but has proved all the doubters wrong beating anyone they put in his way. Foster needs to defend his British title one more to win it outright and it would be great if he could defend it in Litchfield or Birmingham, Foster has had a great career so far and I can only see him winning the British outright then going on to the world stage and who knows how far ‘The Blade’ can go.


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