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The Summer of 69 Rounds Completed

On Sunday, July 3rd, 2022 I embarked on my latest challenge of doing 69 rounds of sparring to raise money for Bartley Green Amateur Boxing Club. The money raised was to go to purchase a defibrillator for the club as deemed by the amateur boxing board. The event consisted of myself (Dexter Hastings) taking on all comers at Narna's Gym Bartley Green over 69 two-minute rounds with a one-minute break between them.

This was by far the biggest

event out of the three charity events I have completed with lots of people coming to support Narna’s gym and the amateurs.

The first two rounds were as always against my ‘Boxing Foe’ and good friend the unlicensed legend Malcolm ‘The Show’ Stowe who kicked off the charity event by bringing the heat as we both showed the skills that made our five fights legendary in the unlicensed game.

Also from the unlicensed scene, we had the come forward Clayton Fox, Black Country boys Andy Gilkes and long-time journeyman with over 200 fights under his belt Tony Dekin who completed 6 to 8 rounds each.

We also had a few 20-something-year-old prospects step into the ring with 6 foot 1 Cruiserweight Harvey Few and light heavyweight Charlie ‘The Slab’ Clarke showcasing their skills with some very entertaining rounds.

We also had two former professional boxers step in the ring with Boxing promoter Tommy Owens and former prizefighter contender Eddie McIntosh giving me a few rounds. We also had some of the young guns in the ring with two of the young Macintosh’s showing off their skills with young Enzo and Riley both living up to the McIntosh name, we also had 6 foot tall 13 year old in ‘S.T’ Frankie coming late but getting in the ring and doing around 6 rounds and boxing really well.

The sparring went really well with everyone doing enough to make the rounds competitive but not draining. It was going well until the 43rd round where I caught Tony Dekin with a right hand which hit him on the top of my head but as my hand came back I honestly thought I had broken it. I informed my corner of this at the end of the round and told them I would continue with one hand. I have to say the next 26 rounds were hard as even blocking with my right was painful but the lads in the away corner were informed and eased up a bit. The 69th round was saved for ‘S.T’ Frankie who really put it on me as I tried to showboat and dance around the ring, like I said before Frankie did really well and will be a talent as he progresses. There were a lot more fighters that shared the ring with me on the day, many thanks to them.

After the show and with all the donations in we managed to raise £1400 for the gym which is more than enough to get the defibrillator for the gym. I went to the hospital a few days later to get my hand checked out and thankfully the x-ray showed no break but the doctor informed me it looked like I had strained my ACL for my thumb and should rest it for at least a month. This was by far the hardest challenge I have ever set myself and I think it may be the last time I do anything like this, but never say never! This was a fantastic event with a great crowd of people watching and boxers participating, I would like to thank everyone who donated and took part you made the day I would also like to thank my trainers Dean and Paddy Martin from Paddy’s Gym, Shaun Cogan from Cogans Corner and Narna from Narna's Gym. You prepared me well for this event and got me through it.

Once again, many thanks to everyone who came along and watched or took part in any of the events, we have raised some good money for some good causes. I would just like to remind everyone that every penny raised goes to the cause we are raising for.

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