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The Tiny Rebel Nicole Goldsmith-Ryan

Nicole Goldsmith-Ryan is the latest female boxer from the Midlands to hit the boxing scene. Know as the Tiny Rebel the 27-year-old Brummie fights in the Fly and Super Flyweight division and has had three professional fights winning two of them.

The four-foot 11 Orthodox fighter fights out of Narnas Gym Bartley Green and is now trained by ex-professional boxer Peter Leachman. As an amateur Nicole had 15 fights winning 7 of them and also winning a Celtic Box Cup Gold medal.

My first question to Nicole was, who is your favorite boxer and why? Goldsmith Ryan told me “Manny Pacquiao showed great determination to become a multiple world champion and never ran away from a fight”. My next question to the ‘Tiny Rebel’ was, what is the best fight you have seen? Nicole said “Katie Taylor vs Amanda Serrano, definitely fight of the year”

I then asked Nicole who has been boxing for 10 years and was inspired to box by her mom, what has been your hardest fight to date? Goldsmith Ryan told me “I don't really have a hardest fight, every fight has been tough in its own way, I've been in with some of the best females in my weight category and I continue to do so and improve fight by fight”. Nicole finished by saying I'm fighting for the Jane cough British and Irish challenger belt on the 17th of September.

Dexter’s Thought’s

I haven’t had the pleasure of seeing Nicole box live yet but have heard great things about her from her trainer Peter Leachman who I’ve known for years and helped me hone my boxing skills when we were teenagers. Nicole is just at the start of her boxing career and has already tasted defeat which isn’t a bad thing as it will make winning her last two fights all the sweeter. Goldsmith Ryan has a good coach and is at a very good gym and I look forward to seeing her box very soon.

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