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Timlin Gets Crack at Commonwealth Title

The ‘Baby Face Assassin’ Amy Timlin has been given an amazing opportunity just 4 fights into here career. The unbeaten 20 year old will be taking on another unbeaten fighter in 33 year old Carly Skelly for the Vacant Super Bantamweight Commonwealth title. The fight is called ‘Behind Close Doors' and is set to be streamed live on FITE.TV on the Friday 2nd October and is promoted by Kieran Farrell. Both fighters have less than 10 fights between then with Timlin being 4 without defeat and Skelly being 3 without defeat.

I messaged the ‘Baby Face Assassin’ and asked her how she had coped with the lockdown? The 20 year old told me “I've been training throughout lockdown, even when we wasn’t allowed to go to the gym, I was still working hard at home and staying ready and I'm so glad I did! So in all fairness lockdown didn't really effect me too bad, there was stages where I was struggling but I just tried my hardest to stay focused and positive”.

My next question to Amy was, how did you feel when you got the news of the fight? She informed me “I was buzzing about the news! Its something I've wanted for a while, my coach Kieran Farrell has worked so hard in order to make this happen. I’m absolutely over the moon to be fighting for this Commonwealth title against another unbeaten woman, it's a risk I'm willing to take but the way I've been training recently I've got full faith that I'll win it”.

I then asked Timlin, what do you known about your opponent? The unbeaten fighter told me “I don’t know much but I've seen a few clips of her fights. She’s a southpaw, I'm the taller one of the two of us so I have reach on her, she’s an aggressive come forward fighter abit like myself but if I can think smart against her then I know full well she'll struggle against it”. Timlin continued “I just got to stick to our game plan and it's in the bag, she's a durable opponent though and will be a good test for me and I'll be a good test for her too”.

Amy added “ I’d obviously like to thank all my sponsors, they are amazing. Without their support this journey would be more difficult but they help me out financially etc, I’d also like to thank all my supporters too, I've had so much love and support recently and its honestly amazing!! So many people are rooting for me in this fight, I cant thank them enough for supporting me". Timlin finished finished by saying “And lastly my coach he is amazing he's one of the most hard working coaches/ people I know. Without him constantly phoning people and trying his hardest to make this fight happen none of it would be possible, he puts 110% into me and everyone else too. I honestly have the best team around me with my coach and all my team mates , couldn't ask for a better gym to be in and a better team to be around”.

Dexter's Thoughts

What great news for Timlin and her team this is such a great opportunity for the 20 year old in only her 5th professional fight. Timlin is no newbie to title fights as she fought and won multiple titles as a kickboxer at a very high level before turning over to the noble art. Tilmlin is a very aggressive fighter but also processes a hell of a lot of skills so if the fight get tactical she will rise to the occasion. I think Timlin will win this fight with ease as her opponent may struggle after 4 rounds as she has never fought longer. This will be a great advert for Female boxing in the Midlands especially if Timlin wins the Commonwealth title, I always thought that it would be Rachel Ball or Kirstie Bavington who would be the first female to win a major title and be the first female to enter the Bbcolumn’s Hall of Fame. But it now looks like the ‘Baby Face Assassin’ will be the first and hopefully not the last to enter the Hall of Fame.


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