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  • Dexter Hastings

Tommy Owens Promotions Back With a Bang

The wait is finally over, as Small Hall boxing is back in Birmingham with Tommy Owens Promotions putting there first show on since the first lockdown. The date is set for September 4th and will be at the Holte Suite Villa Park with the main event already announced. TOP boxing have came out swinging with a mouth-watering main event for the super Lightweight Midlands area title with former champ Ben Fields taking on the unbeaten Tom Silcox.

Fields relinquished the title after beating Alex Fearon in Liverpool for it to role the dice by taking on the big hitters Kaisee Benjamin for the Welterweight version of the Midlands belt losing on points. Silcox has been waiting a while for this opportunity as this fight was agreed months ago but due to the lockdown has yet to have happen. Silcox has an impressive unbeaten record of 8 win with no defeats but this will be his first 10 rounder.

Fields known as ‘The 0-Taker’ after beating seven unbeaten fights on his boxing journey has had 22 fights winning 10 and drawing 2 with the last 3 of his last 4 fights being over 10 rounds with 2 being for Midlands titles and one was an English eliminator. This is set to be an epic battle and this is just the main event, the undercard is still yet to be announced, I’m sure there are some young prospects who can’t wait to get back in the ring with a crowd there.

Dexter’s Thought’s

It’s great to hear that Tommy Owens Promotions has announced a date for there first show back, and what a main event. This fight has been on the boil for quite a while now and while Fields has been waiting, he has had 2 fights taking on Kaisee Benjamin and Sam Maxwell on televised shows. Silcox has not fought since November 2019 and will be itching to get back in the ring at the Holte Suite where he has won all 8 of his contests, but I will say this is the acid test for ‘The Silk'. Fields was nicknamed ‘The 0-Taker’ by the Column and has racked up 7 victories against unbeaten fighters with most of them coming from the away corner and I’m sure he will be looking for another ‘0’ to take.

This fight reminds me of when Ben Fields took on Sean Daly at the Holte Suite in June 2019 which was a cracker. This fight has the potential to be as good as the Daly one but will be fought over 10 rounds for a Midlands title. Fields will definitely be Silcox’s hardest test by a long way as he is the more experience and has fought over 10 rounds 3 times for Midlands titles and in English eliminators. Silcox will be coming down a weight as he has fought at Welterweight for his first 8 fights, but I’m sure he will be training hard and make the wait easy and will have formulated a plan to beat ‘The 0-Taker’ I am really looking forward to being at this show and can’t wait to see this fight.

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