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Tommy Owens Promotions October Show (21.10.22

Tommy Owens Promotions held there October show at the Holiday Inn Birmingham Airport. The show consisted of 4 four round contests, in the home corner we had from Birmingham Logan Paling making his debut and Brett Egan having his second fight. Also on thecard you had from the Congo Michael Likalu and from Ireland Gary Sweeny. Reffing on the night was Pete McCormick and judging the contest's‘ A star’ ref Kevin Parker.

Kicking off the show in a super Welterweight contest you had Michael Likalu taking on the veteran Journeyman MJ Hall. Likely from the Congo but now resides in London and came into this contest having only won one of his 3 fights. The match was a fairly straightforward one winning all four rounds as the veteran Journeyman Hall went through the motions. Judge Kevin Parker scored it 40 to 36 Likalu, I had it the same.

Second, on the card was Cogans Corner debutant Logan Paling who was taking on Jake Osgood in a Welterweight contest. Paling weighed in 10 stone 1 with Osgood coming in 10 stone 9 with Pete McCormick reffing and ‘A star’ ref Keven Parker judging.

Paling started the first round well and was controlling the fight pushing Osgood back. Paling then walked on to a lovely straight right hand that put him down, Paling got straight back up and was able to continue but had lost the first round. Paling started the second round on the front foot taking the center of the ring and getting some nice combinations off. Osgood got some good shots off but it was Palings round. Paling continued to try and dictate the fight in the third but Osgood replied with some nice combinations, Paling rallied in the middle of the round but I could not split them. In the final round, Paling piled on the pressure and showed some real quality shots as Osgood fought on the back foot with Paling nicking the round.

Judge Kevin Parker scored it 39 to 37 Osgood I had it 38 to 38 draw.

Third, on the card you had Birmingham’s Brett Egan taking on Dean Wilkinson in a Middleweight contest, Egan weighed in 10 stone 10 with Wilkinson came in 11 stone. Reffing on the night was Pete McCormick and judging the fight was ‘A star’ ref Kevin Parker.

Good battling first round with Wilkinson showing he had come to fight, Egan won the round with the cleaner shots. The second started completive but Egan started to up the pace and go to the head then the body well with some crisp shots. Egan dropped Wilkinson with a lovely right hook to the body, Wilkinson got up but Egan poured on the pressure and dropped him again with a left-hand body shot. Wilkinson was counted out 2 minutes 36 seconds into the second round.

The final fight of the night was a Heavyweight contest between Irishman Gary Sweeney who would be taking on Lamah Griggs. Sweeter weighed in 17 stone 4 with Griggs coming in 17 stone 10 with Pete McCormick reffing and Kevin Parker judging.

In a very entertaining fight, the unbeaten Irishman cruised to victory against a very game opponent who pushed him all the way. Judge Keven Parker scored it 40 to 37 Sweeney I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Kicking off this multi-national show we had Likalu taking on MJ Hall, Hall put in a good shift but didn’t really worry the man from the Congo who brought his record to 2 wins and 2 defeats.

I was impressed with Logan Palings debut even if he didn’t get the decision, he showed heart and determination. He started well but was caught with a lovely straight right hand which he didn’t see coming. He showed heart and determination getting up and battling hard for the next three rounds to in my opinion earning, a draw on his debut. Paling will hopefully learn from this defeat and it will not affect the rest of his career which looks promising if you take the knockdown out of the equation. I look forward to seeing him back out very soon.

Brett Egan looked very impressive as he took his record to 2 without defeat, his combinations to the head and body were enough to stop Wilkinson in the second round. Egan looks like he has a big future in front of him.

The Irishman Gary Sweeney took his record to 6 unbeaten in this Heavyweight contest, the fight was very entertaining as his opponent came to have a go and asked questions of Sweeney but he had all the answers. It was a refreshing change to see a Heavyweight contest on a small hall show as they seem to be rare.

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