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TOP Boxer Tournament When Cinderella man turns into the 0-Taker

Tommy Owens Promotions held their new style Prize-fighter welterweight tournament at Planet ice Solihull (18.2.23) with a sensational Cinderella Man ending.

33-year-old southpaw Kirk Stevens was a late replacement for one of the eight unbeaten fighters in the tournament who had to pull out and was expected to go out in the first round. Stevens from Telford who had only won one fight out of his four contests came to the event with a £2 gum shield, no Vaseline, no hand tape, and in everyone’s eyes no chance of winning, but Stevens had not read the scripted. Stevens managed to battle through a two-split decision in the quarter and semi final and then leave it all in the ring winning the final by unanimous points decision. Stevens took the trophy and the lion's share of the £20,000 prize money and went from the Cinderella man to the 0-Taker by beating 3 unbeaten fighters in one night. This was truly an amazing achievement and will propel this tough hard-working fighter into bigger contests and may even earn him a title shot.

The show consisted of the eight-round prizefighter tournament, with there also being two six-round contests with Saqib Khan and Nyall Berry in the home corner and a four-rounder with Kronks gym unbeaten fighter Dylan Norman in the home corner. Reffing on the night you had Chris Dean, Ron Keaney, Lee Every, and Ryan Churchill. Ring girls on the night where Aaliyah and Sophie from CP Agency.

Below is the reports from all the tournament fights.

Kicking off the event was a 6 three-minute rounds Middleweight contest with unbeaten 25-year-old Saqib Khan taking on 35-year-old southpaw Justin Menzie. Khan weighed in 11 stone 1 with Menzie coming in 10 stone 13 with Chris Dean reffing.

A convincing points victory for Khan as he controlled every round with good jabs and a nice backhand, Khan let his hands go in the fifth and got some great combinations off with ref Chris Dean taking a point off Menzie for holding. Khan continued his good work in the sixth and won the fight 60 to 53 on the refs' scorecard, I had it the same.

Next up was the first quarter-final of the tournament with D&A gym unbeaten fighter Jagdeep Purewell taking on Southpaw Taylor Greig in a three, three-minute round contest. Purewell weighed in 10 stone 8 with Greig coming in the same.

Cagey start by both fighters with Purewell getting the first good backhand off, Greig came back with some good shots of his own, even round. Some great backhand from Greig at the start of the second which put Purewell on the retreat, Purewell tried to come back but didn’t really connect with any quality shots. Greig got some cracking shots off in the third with Purewell not really landing any quality shots.

All three judges Chris Dean, Lee Every, and Ron Keaney scored it 30 to 27 Greig, I had it 30 to 28 Greig.

Greig moves on to the semi-finals.

The next quarter-final saw 28-year-old Brett Egan from Birmingham taking on 27-year-old Connor Meanwell from Newark Nottingham. Both fighters weighed in 10 stone 8 with Lee Every reffing.

Cracking start to the fight with some great exchanges with neither of the fighters taking a step back but I had Egan just edging it. Both fighters landed good shots in the second but as the round went on Egan took control, Meanwell still got some good shots in but Egan won the round. Egan picked his shots well in the final round and just moved around the ring as Meanwell tried to get on the inside, Egan won the round with great movement and shot selection.

The judges had it unanimous with Chris Dean and Mark Bates having it 29 to 28 and Ron Kearney having it 30 to 27 to Egan, I had it 30 to 27 Egan.

Egan moves on to the Semifinals.

Next quarter-final we saw 22-year-old southpaw Danny Costello from Nuneaton taking on 30-year-old Tommy Loach from West Bromwich. Both fighters weighed in 10 stone 9 with Chris Dean reffing.

Good start by both fighters with both getting good shots off, a back-and-forth round but Costello won it with the cleaner shots. Great second round of boxing by Costello who was catching Loach with his Southpaw backhand at will, Loach pressed and got some good shots off but Costello won the round. Loach came out in the final round and tried to put it on Costello, Costello returned fire but Loach continued to press. Costello just nicked this round with the cleaner shots.

All three judges, Mark Bates, Lee Every, and Ron Kearney had it 30 to 27 to Costello, I had it the same

Costello moves to the semi-finals.