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Unlicensed Talent Liam Carey

Twenties two year old Liam Carey is a exciting9 unlicensed fighter from Bromsgrove. The five foot 10 orthodox fighter is a Welterweight but has fought at high as Middleweight. He has an impressive unlicensed record having 14 contests (mostly out of the away corner) and has won 12 of them. He boxes out of DP boxing in Worcester and holds the prestigious Fight league U.K Middleweight title and the GGG promotions welterweight strap.  Carey is trained by DP gym owner Jon Shaw and gets words of wisdom off former Midlands area and Irish welterweight champ Malcom Melvin.

My first question to this talented boxer who only started learning the noble art 4 to five years ago was, have you got any aspirations of turning over to the professional ranks? Liam replied “Turning pro, I would love to at some point, but I feel I need a little bit more experience before I do”. I then ask him who his favourite boxer is and why? Liam said “it’s got to be Lomachenko, I love his movement the fact he makes you think your in range when your not and then hits you when you don’t think he can”. I then asked what has been the best fight you have saw? Carey told me “I love the AJ vs Klitschko fight because of the fact they were both hurt and just kept fighting which made for an amazing contest”. My final question to Liam was, what inspired you to take up the noble art? Carey informed me, “What inspired me was my dad and I used to watch boxing all the time on TV and went to a few fights live, then I found out my mate boxed about 5 minutes from my house so I just decided to message him one day and ask if I could come along. This led to me training with him and my friends dad was the coach, he was called Garth Williams and he was one of my favourite coaches.

Unfortunately he no longer trains people, I Loved every minute of it and carried it on ever since. It great going out meet loads of people and traveling around to different shows boxing, sparing and cornering fighters”. Liam ended the interview by say “its crazy that it all started from a small unlicensed show in Bromsgrove to now, traveling every where to do it and the fact Dexter was the first person I ever had ref me”.

Dexter’s Thoughts

As Liam said I reffed his first contest at a charity show in Bromsgrove, now the talent on display was raw and to be honest not the best on the unlicensed circuit, but they were all game and gave everything they had. Liam though even then stood out from the other boxers and I remember thinking this kids got some skills. It has been my privilege to ref this talented fighter on a several occasions and I have been impressed every time especially his performance in his FLUK title fight at Middleweight were he beat the champ from the away corner with all three judges giving it to him. He has added the GGG welterweight promotions to his collection and if he carry’s on in vain he is going I can see many more in his future. But I truly think his talents are wasted on the unlicensed circuit and really look forward to seeing him the professional ranks. Just remember where you heard his name first.

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