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Virgo in impressive stoppages victory

Updated: Dec 13, 2021

The man the calls himself ‘the one and only’, ‘the body Breaker’ impressed in his first 8 round contest moving up a level taking on the Spanish Adam Trenado. The fight was on the undercard of the Hennessy Sports show with the main events being air live on channel five, both fighters weighed 12 stone 6 in this light Heavyweight contest with it being both fighters first 8 rounders’’.

Virgo (28) who is based in Brighton looked like he was sponsored by Vaseline by the amount his corner put on him, lost the first round as Trenado showed he had came here to win. After Virgo’s corner gave him what sounded like a counselling session he stepped up the pace and won the second round. Virgo started the third round well and caught Trenado with a cracking left hook which put the Spaniard down. Trenado hot to his feet and was allowed to continue, Virgo when in for the kill and swing in big shots which the Spaniard either took or missed him. Virgo had seemed to blow himself out in this round with Trenado rocked Virgo with a cracking right hand in a very entertaining round. The fourth was an even round with Trenado taking round five and six with some nice boxing. In the seventh Virgo came to life and dropped Trenado twice with big right hand then eventually ending the contest with a cracking straight right which put his opponents lights out two minutes 52 seconds into the seventh round.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Got to stay this was a very entertaining contest and a great stoppage by Virgo, with this win Virgo is now calling out the likes of Jake Paul, Tommy Fury and Nathan Heaney. Virgo has the backing of Hennessey sports who seem to backing his circus act in his attempt to get one of these fighter’s to bite and take him on. Now I’m no fan of Jake Paul or even Tommy Fury but I have a feeling Mr Paul doesn’t even know who ‘Mr Lover Love Island’ is. As for Tommy Fury he has got much bigger fights in the offering than Virgo to contend with, as his name and that he actually did something in love Island. I’m not a fan of YouTubers and Instagramers jumping on the boxing platform but if they can make money doing it fair play but I will not be watching.

I talked to Virgo at a Tommy Owens Promotions show recently and asked him to prove me wrong and fight at a higher level which he has kind of in his last two fights. Now he is calling out Nathan Heaney which I honestly think will be a great fight for both party’s. If he beat someone like Heaney that would go a long way to changing my mind about the man who calls himself ‘the body breaker’ but I have to say in my opinion that is a very big If. But I will say congratulations to Virgo on a great stoppage and a great result.

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