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Whirlwind Performance By ‘The Tornado’

‘The Tornado’ Tori-Ellis Willetts lived up to her name as she produced a whirlwind performance at the H-Suite Edgbaston (10.05.24). The twenty-eight-year-old from Birmingham was having her fourth professional contest and was taking on Ukrainian Liubiv Oksha (24) on the Black Country Promotions show. Oksha was having her third contest and had won one and lost one in this six-two-minute round contest. Willetts weighed in eight stone eleven with Oksha coming in eight stone twelve in this featherweight contest with Ryan Churchill reffing.

Willetts flew out of her corner like a ‘Tornado’ in the first round and landed great jabs and backhands from the start, her opponent was very game and made the round competitive but Willetts dominated the round. Willetts continued her high pace attacks in the second with Oksha looking to have a go back but did not have any answer to the volume of shots by Willetts. Oksha touched down in this round just from the number of shots landed from Willetts, Oksha took an eight count and managed to see the round out. Punishing round for Oksha as she had no answer to Willetts high paced attacks, Willetts moved in at will in the third landing heavy shots.

Willetts landed her backhand at will in the fourth as Oksha was now in full several mode and just didn’t have any answer to the beating wash being dished out by Willetts. The pace slowed in the fifth but this just meant Willetts could pick her shots better and landed even heavier ones. The only way Oksha could hurt Willetts was with a clash of heads. Oksha held at every opportunity in the final as Willetts looked for one big backhand to end the fight, scrappy final round with Willetts winning the round and throwing Oksha to the floor in frustration.

Ref Ryan Churchill scored the contest 60 to 53 Willetts, I had it the same.

Dexter’s Thoughts

Great performance by Willetts who dominated every second of ever round of this six-round contest. The opponent was fame at the start but soon realized she was out of her depth and did well to see the final bell. Willetts is now four without defeat and in the female division and especially with the performances she has had Willetts and her team must be looking at titles and maybe not just an area one. Willetts has impressed me in every contest and is improving with every fight. I think she can contest for the big domestic or European titles now as she could carry on beating up these journey women and getting to 10 without defeat but I think Willetts is ready for a big test now. I look forward to seeing where her team and her promotions take her next.


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