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  • Dexter Hastings

Wilson-Bent Makes a Big Statement Winning His First Title

Coventry’s River Wilson-Bent made a big statement last night (18,12,20) as he claimed the Middleweight Midlands area title against the Unbeaten Troi Coleman. The fight which was scheduled for 10 three-minute rounds was the headliner on the undercard of the Shakan Pitters, Craig Richards British title fight and would be aired live on Channel five.

Wilson-Bent got his jab working from the start as Coleman returned fire with shots of his own, Wilson-Bent won the round with the better shots. Wilson-Bent continued his good work in the second with everything coming off a sharp jab then going to the head and body at range, Coleman fought back hard but it was Wilson-Bent’s round.

Wilson-Bent started the third fast and was getting some great shots off, Coleman was battling back hard but Wilson-Bent was in control. Wilson-Bent then caught Coleman with a devastating chopping right hand that put Coleman down hard, Coleman managed to get to his feet but was in no fit state to continue so the ref stopped the fight.

Wilson-Bent Wins 3rd round stoppage

Midlands Area Middleweight Champ

Also on the undercard from the Midlands ‘The One and Only' ‘The Body Breaker’ Idris Virgo took his unbeaten record to 10 without defeat. Virgo (27) who only fought last week had his first 6 round contest against The Walsall journeyman Kearon Thomas (31). The unbeaten Virgo seemed to be having fun in the ring as he showboated his way to points victor against Thomas who had only won one fight out of his 10 contests. After Virgo was announced the victor he then showed his athleticism by doing a cartwheel in the ring.

Dexter’s Thought’s

River Wilson-Bent was one of our Boxers to Watch for this year and he has not let us down winning the Midlands area title at a weight above his normal obe in only his 8th fight. You have to give his opponent Troi Coleman massive respect for taking the fight as he was only having his seventh fight and had not fought over 4 rounds. I am sure Coleman and his team will regroup and come again as the 27 year is a talented fighter. The stoppage was devastating with Wilson-Bent’s straight one, two being the telling shot. With Wilson-Bent winning this title this sets up and cracking fight between Wilson-Bent and the untested Virgo. Wilson-Bent called Virgo out after the fight in an interview and stated that if he wants it he can have it. Virgo then joined the interview and said so you want the one and only? The body breaker Idris Virgo? With Wilson-Bent replying yes. Virgo didn’t seem his normal brash pantomime Villain self while on camera which might be because Wilson-Bent is not a journeyman. I can say now that this would be a highly anticipated fight as both fighters have big followings. It would also be a massive step up for Virgo which is a long time coming as he would not be fighting a journeyman or a fighter with a negative record. I really do hope they get this fight on as they have the same manager, there on the same promotion company and they both stated they wanted it. I honestly can not see why this fight could not happen and we would see once and for all if ‘The One & Only' ‘The Body Breaker' Idris Virgo is the real deal or just Hype, the Column looks forward to finding out.

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