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Windle Wins Commonwealth Title


The poet with punch’, ‘The Mattman’ Matt Windle  has claimed the vacant light Flyweight Commonwealth title after stopping Siphelele Myeza in the 11th round. Myeza from South Africa was unbeaten in 8 contests with Windle's record being 6 wins 1 draw and 4 defeats. The fight was held at the Premier Banqueting suite Leeds with Kevin Parker reffing proceedings. In a hard fought contest Windle came up with the equaliser with a cracking over right hand putting the south Africa down, Myeza managed to get to his feet and was allowed to continue, the end came in the 11th when ‘A’ star ref Kevin Parker stepped in and stopped the contest.

Windle took to social media after and left this status, he wrote ‘Most of you have seen my good news but on Saturday night my team and I made our own little piece of boxing history - despite being the underdog in Leeds - when I became the first British fighter in 120 years and the first Commonwealth boxer this century to become the Light-Flyweight Commonwealth champion’.

‘Today I was back to work teaching poetry and creative writing to over 200 teenagers at a school just outside of Birmingham. They loved the belt and the black eyes which fitted perfectly with the day's theme of 'diversity'


‘I've spent 17 years and 77 fights in the sport trying to achieve something like this. 15 hour days, dedicated weight cuts, shaking off bad decisions, sacrificing my social life, having no real sponsors or financial backers, juggling 3 jobs - the list goes on but this achievement has made every hardship worth it. Thank you to everyone that's ever helped me get to this position’


Dexters Thoughts

Absolutely chuffed for Windle he has been waiting for a shot at thisvtitle for a while now. Windle is now the Commonwealth champ and I’m hoping it leads to bigger title like British, European and even world honours. I’m sure with his coache Spencer McCracken in his corner anything is possible. But by winning the commonwealth title Matt Windle will now join the best in Birmingham and the Black Country in the bbcolumn Hall of Fame.

The bbcolumn congratulations Matt Windle and his team on a great win.


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