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Wolverhampton Prospect Gully Powar

Gulraj Powar is a 20-year-old Super-bantamweight from Wolverhampton, he has had 3 professional contests winning all of them with one ending in stoppage. The five foot seven Orthodox fighter had a good amateur record before turning pro with 25 wins in 33 contests. Powar had two contests in the country senor elites and won five Midlands Championships and two National bronze medals.

Powar boxes out of Wolverhampton A.B.C and is trained by Richard Carter. I asked Gully who his favourite fighter was? He told me, “ my favourite fighter is Canelo Alvarez, I love his style because he is effective and defensive at the same time, he never ducks a fight and he’s a true Mexican legend; a true inspirations”. My next question for the unbeaten Wolverhampton fighter was, what is the best fight you have seen? He informed me, “the be best fight I’ve seen would have to be Canelo vs GGG 2 two legends going to war.

My next question to Powar who has been boxing since he was 9 was, who inspired you to take up the noble art? Gully told me “My dad inspired me to become a fighter from a young age, he motivated and pushed me to the be the man I am today in the sport of boxing” Powar ended the interview by saying “I want to build a legacy in the sport of boxing and follow the greats like Canelo, Roberto Duran ect, I want to leave my mark in the sport of boxing as a legend and it will happen”. Dexter’s Thoughts

I watched Gully’s third fight and I was very impressed with his ring craft. He was fighting an opponent in veteran Journeyman Liam Richards would always ask questions of his opponents but Powar answered all of them. He showed great shot picking and movement and looked like a fighter way beyond just having three professional fights. He had a cracking amateur career with 5 Midland titles and two National bronze medals and is looking to make a legacy in boxing. He seems as a great talent and a very promising prospect and is definitely one to watch and I can see titles in his future.

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