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World Title Fight Announced For Ball

‘The Ginger Matador’ Rachel Ball has been given the date for here first crack at a World title. Ball (29) from Aldridge made a massive statement last year in women’s boxing by first beating the unbeaten Shannon Courtenay and then winning the WBC interim super-bantamweight World title against Jorgelina Guanini on a unanimous points decision. Ball was meant to take on Ebanie Bridges for the WBA Bantamweight World title last year but Bridges had to pull out due to injury. Ball will now fight for this title but instead of taking on Bridges Ball will take on Shannon Courtenay. After there first encounter last year when Ball dropped

Courtenay in the first round in a very entertaining fight with the ref giving the 8 round contest to Ball, Courtenay has been asking Matchroom for this rematch ever since.

Matchroom have now granted Courtenay (27) from Watford her wish as she takes on Ball for the WBA Bantamweight World title on the 10th April on the same show Conor Benn takes on Samuel Vargas for WBA Welterweight Continental title live on Sky Sports. This is set to be a great fight and a great show which the Column will report on as the Bbcolumn’s ‘Boxer of the Year' looks for world glory.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Great to hear that Rachel Ball has got her crack at the WBA Bantamweight World title as she was meant to fight for it last year. Ball lit up women’s boxing last year with a great win over Courtenay by taking her ‘0’ and then going on to take the Super-bantamweight WBC interim World title. Courtenay was not happy with the result last time and will be looking to avenge her only defeat but I honestly can not see that happening. Ball made her life hard last time by getting drawn into a tare up but if she uses her technical abilities I can see the ‘Ginger Matador’, Bbcolumn ‘Hall of Famer' and the Bbcolumn’s ‘Fighter of the year’ winning with ease. The Column looks forward to reporting on what looks like a great fight.


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