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Ex Pro Calum Cooper

Calum Cooper Ex Professional Boxer

Calum Cooper 27 is a lightweight/Super lightweight who’s career was cut short 2 years ago (2014) due to a brain hemorrhage. The 5 foot 7 southpaw had a good amateur career having 22 fights and winning 16 of them. During his 22 fights Calum became Birmingham champ twice, Midlands champ and was a quarter finalist in the national championships.

As a pro Calum won 8 and lost 3 and managed to win the Midlands title and also challenged for the British masters gold belt. He boxed out of studio boxing gym and was trained by Gary Blower and was managed by Jon Pegg.

Calum’s favorite fighter is Mike Tyson because he was just everything a fighter should be in his prime and virtually unstoppable.

The best fight Calum has ever seen is the classic Ward v Gatti, when I asked Calum why?

Calum said “because them lads beat the crap out of each other and both refused to give up and showed the world how much hard work and heart goes into being a prize fighter”.

I then asked Calum what his hardest fight had been to date? Calum informed me “my hardest fight to date was against the current lightweight champion Marcus Ffrench, me and him beat each other to a pulp and both of us refused to say no. I was honored to receive fight of the year in 2014.

I asked Calum who's is currently retired how's it felt when he was told that he couldn't box anymore? Calum told me “I was due to defend my Midlands title against Priory Parks Luke Paddock but my annual health check was due with the board to renew my licence and my brain scan came back inconclusive. My doctor confirmed it was a brain hemorrhage and I was forced to retire and I felt lost. My world was taken from me and I didn't know what my role in this world was. I was born to box and now I

can't so what do I do now? I have got full time employment at DHL and keep active in the local gym but I am currently chasing another MRI scan in hope of receiving my licence back. I still have so much to give in the sport and never reached the heights I knew I could go”.

I contacted Jon Pegg on what he thinks of his old boxer, Jon informed me “ He’s a rock hard jawed lad who was a pleasure to manage with his fearlessness and willingness to take on anybody. This made up for his lack of a KO punch by throwing literally hundreds of punches in a round. His fight of the year win with Marcus Ffrench is a great example of how he approached the sport”

Dexter’s Thoughts

Calum had his career cut short by a MRI scan that lead to his doctor finding a brain hemorrhage. It’s sad for Calum as he has lost a big part of his life and a way to make money and with him already holding a title who knows where he could have gone. The doctors and the board where right to revoke his license as safety for the boxers has to be the main goal.

I myself referee in the unlicensed scene and I am always aware of the dangers that can occur in in the ring. As an ex boxer I understand that boxers will always want to carry on, but I would much rather stop a fight to early rather than to late.

Calum has stated that he is going to have another MRI scan and if he gets the all clear he will be getting his license back and will be making a return to the ring. The Birmingham Boxing Column wishes him all the best.

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