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Learn to boxes at Fight Club

Learn to boxes at

Fight Club


50a Adderley Street Digbeth B9 4ED

Do you want to learn to boxes?

Do you want to get fit?

Do you want to lose weight?

Do you want to be trained to a standard you could compete in a boxing show.

Do you want 1-2-1 training by ex Professional boxers

If you anawered yes to any of these questions Fight Den is the place to you. With ex Professional boxers Shaun Cogan and Terry Carruthers and the rest of the Fight Den team you will be in good hands

Holding there own White collar shows Fight Den will train you to a standard you would be able to compete against a boxer of the same ability, but you can also go there to let off steam or just train with no pressure to step into the ring.

With a friendly environment Fight Den is the ideal place for new comers or seasoned pros.

So come to Fight Den as seen in the film Jawbone staring Ray Winston.

Click on any picture to go to there Facebook Page.

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