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Eastside Pro Carl Dickens

Eastside Pro Carl Dickens

Carl Dickens Is originally from Redditch but now live in Birmingham, the 6 foot orthodox fighter nicknamed “the wallop” is 32 years old middleweight who came late to the boxing game starting when he was 24. His amateur career was 33 fights winning 16, his pro career is more impressive Carl has had 9 fights and won 7. Carl told me “I have only lost in title fights and also to the experienced and talented Nick Jenman, both my defeats were on points”.

Carl has boxed out of Rubery for a short time and then went to the Studio gym with Gary Blower and is now at Eastside gym Birmingham where he is trained by Paul “Soggy’ Counihan and Jon Pegg.

Carl informed me that his favorite boxer is Gatti because he never gave up win or lose and

was always in entertaining fights, the best fight he has seen is the trilogy of Gatti and Ward.

My next question to Carl was, What inspired him to become a boxer? Carl said “I have been boxing now for nearly 10 years, I was inspired by my brother Lee he could boxed a bit and took me to my first boxing gym and I never looked back”.

My final question was, what has been you hardest fight to date? Carl informed me “my hardest fight amatuer and professional was against Jenman, I underestimated him as I was undefeated at the time. He was very experienced and it showed in the fight but I still held my own and give it my all but it was not enough”. Carl added at the end “I have always had a crowd pleasing style and hope everyone will remember me for being in entertaining crowd pleasing fights. I will keep training hard and give fans value for there money and give it my all to win titles”.

I contacted Carl’s trainer Paul Counihan for his view on “The Wallop” Paul informed me “Carl is a tough lad, he was trained by Gary blower at studio boxing club in Northfield but when Carl moved house over to Marston green the journey was to long to keep trekking every day to the gym so he joined us at Eastside boxing club. Gary at studio did a great job with Carl molding him into a tough no nonsense attacking boxer, his record is now, had 9 won 7,every time he fights he always gives great excitement and always wants a war. We are trying to get him to box more rather than fight and he does box for a round or two but the red mist comes over him and he holds his feet and starts to fight! He was due to box on the 10 September but the show was cancelled due to injuries but we are looking to get him out very soon. If you every want your money's worth then go and watch Carl he never fails to entertain”.

Dexter’s Thought’s

Carl is yet another fighter to come out of Eastside gym, he maybe 32 but seems to still have the grit and determination to be exciting and a crowd pleaser. With The Eastside team behind him I sure he will continue to do well.

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