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  • Dexter Hastings

High Steaks Pro Boxing

High Steaks

Pro Boxing

Walsall Town Hall

Black Country Boxing held there High Steaks show at the town hall Walsall sponsored by Grosvenor casino Walsall. The main event was for the vacant super featherweight Midlands area title contested over 10 x 3 minute rounds by Paul Holt from Birmingham and Louis Fielding from Tamworth.

The undercard was made up 4 bout over 4 x 3 minute rounds and 1 was a 6 x 3 minute rounds.

Here is round up of the undercard and the main event.

Fight 1

Tommy Loach v Ali Wyart

4 x 3 minute rounds

Loach was making his debut and was made to work hard by Wyart as he started slow and seemed to wait to long to let his punches go.


Tommy wins

39 – 37

Fight 2

Cruiserweight contest

Joshua Burke v Cesna

4 x 3 minute rounds

Burkes kick started his career after injury and losing his last fight with a solid victory over a very durable Cesna. Burke moved well and let his hands go with some cracking 1- 2’s, Cesna push on hard at time but Burke stayed composed and won every round.


Burke wins

40 - 36

Fight 3

Super Middleweight

Luke Heron v Mark Till

4 x 3 minute rounds

After seven months out Heron looked good, his movement, power and shot selection were excellent. It seemed that he could stop Gray at any point and there were time I thought the ref could have stepped in an stopped it. Gray managed to get to the end of the forth round, but Heron looked good and I think he is one to watch for the future.


Heron wins

40 - 36

Fight 4


Manny Zaber v Kristian Laight

4 x 3 minute rounds

Manny took his unbeaten record to 8 by showing great movement and speed and shot selection. Laight who is a veteran of the game with 249 fights put in a good shift and gave a good account of himself, but kept himself safe.

In an interview after his fight Manny was asked about Lez Byfield, Manny said “Les Who? Oh you mean the man with no balls, I will fight him anytime anyplace”.


Manny wins

40 – 36

Fight 5


Chad Sugden v Kieron Gray

6 x 2 minute rounds

Sugden lived up to his nickname of 2 Slick with great movement good shot selection and great ring craft. Sugden got the job done in the third round with a solid body shot stopping Gray who had put a good shift in.